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what content performs best, where, and when.


trends and team performance.

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Discover the organic reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and number of engaged users for your content.

See how many followers you gain or lose, times your content gets viewed, and interactions with your content.

Easily monitor response times for every team member to ensure all incoming brand conversations are handled fast. Track replies and comments reviewed, hidden, and deleted.

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With Power Reports

Create custom reports based on the metrics and date ranges you choose, across multiple social profiles. You can also compare time periods and set automatic scheduled reports to your email.

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Download a CSV file for a detailed analysis of your social content.

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I actually can't say enough great things about the reporting with Agorapulse. I feel like that is my job security every month.

Frequently asked questions

If you use labels on your inbox or published content, you’ll be able to see your label distribution in your reports. Export your content reports and sort by label to surface campaign-metrics.
Your Agorapulse subscription gives you one or more competitors (depending on your plan) to track your Facebook performance against your biggest rival. Additional competitors can be added for a small add-on cost.
Each Instagram report has a separate section dedicated to the metrics of your Instagram Stories.
All of our plans include community management reports to easily track your team’s inbox activity and response time.
Power Reports, a set of advanced reporting features available for all plans as an add-on, allows you to schedule reports on a weekly or monthly basis. You can schedule the report to as many recipients as you’d like, including those not subscribed to your Agorapulse plan.
Power Reports, a set of reporting features available for all plans as an add-on, gives you a wide range of customization options.

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