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Social Media Publishing Queue

Ready to simplify your workload? Our social media publishing queue allows you to easily publish content on a regular, customized schedule. Simply create your post and add it to your queue!

Re-share Your Evergreen Content

Drive exponential exposure to your Website or blog by re-sharing your evergreen content. No need to spend every waking moment scheduling new content when you have material that you know performs well.

Set Up Your Publishing Queue

Set up your custom publishing queue via the settings wheel under each social profile in your dashboard. Select timeslots when you’d like your content to publish. Add as many timeslots as you wish by clicking on Add slot button and defining the exact time.

Get to Know Your Queue Options

After building a post in our publisher, select Add to Queue. Choose whether you would like the post at the beginning of the queue (Queue next), or at the end of the queue (Queue last). You can also add content to your queue multiple times, automatically!

Use Queue Categories for the Perfect Mix

The advanced social media marketer needs more than just a one-size-fits-all publisher — s/he needs queue categories. Instead of simply adding to “general” queue, use custom queue categories to schedule and publish the perfect mix of posts to your social channels.

Queue One Post Multiple Times

Want to queue a post multiple times? Requeueing will allow you to do this! Here’s how it works: once a post or a tweet is published, the requeueing feature will add it to the publishing queue again in the next free timeslot. You can requeue a certain number of times or requeue unlimited times (ended at a specific date).

Use Reports to Optimize Your Queue

Don’t know good timeslots to set to your queue? Our reports can help! After gathering a month’s worth of data from each of your social profiles, use your Best Times to Post section in each report to optimize your queue for that social profile! You’ll have a smarter queue before you know it.

Simplify social media publishing so you can focus on what matters -- real one-on-one engagement.

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