The following guest post is written by Zoe Christodoulides of Action Digital.

With a global presence and clients in over 40 countries relying on Action Digital to successfully manage their digital campaigns, our team of online experts was on the lookout for an efficient solution to manage all of our client’s social media pages via a centralized and powerful social media management tool.

About a year ago the team chose Agorapulse as that tool — and we’ve never looked back! On average, using Agorapulse saves our team about 30 hours a week.  

So what’s great about this tool? And how has it helped us run and keep of track of daily tasks? The Action Digital team outline some of the main benefits Agorapulse has offered us!

1. Keeps us organized and saves time

When you’re managing the social media accounts of multiple clients, keeping organized is no easy feat. But Agorapulse has given our team the chance to keep right on track of all messages in one place.

Its ‘inbox zero’ feature for social media accounts means that you’ll never miss a comment. You can easily keep track of each message that you’ve seen, checking it off once you’ve viewed it and flagging it if you need to.

“I love seeing ‘Welcome to inbox zero! You have nothing left to review.’ It’s really fulfilling,” says Marketing Executive Dimitris Kourtoulos, responsible for handing a number of social media accounts here at Action Digital.

easy social media management

A handy calendar allows you to schedule posts for all your clients across their social media channels. You can even schedule the same post for each of them, if relevant. It really helps to see all your published and scheduled posts in one calendar view.

social media publishing

2. Monitors, collects stats and categorizes our audience

With Agorapulse, you can keep track of fan growth, page impressions by types, and more. And the best part is that you can compare the pages you manage to the industry standards – including fan reach and engaged users – with the help of Agropulse’s large media stats


It also shows you the best days and times for publishing. We also love the fact that you can track industry competitors (choose the brands you want to know about) via the ‘competitors’ tab, helping us identify our own strengths and weaknesses.

Then there’s Agorapulse’s ‘monitoring’ function, which gives us the chance to see exactly who has mentioned the brand’s we manage online in comments or public posts. We’ve found it really useful to know who engages with the brands we manage the most, and it has helped us identify influencers and great brand opportunities.

That’s not to forget the ‘reports’ feature which allows you to export performance analytics to one PowerPoint with great visuals!

social media analytics

3. Boosts content strategy with ready-made apps

Action Digital can create custom Facebook apps ranging from simple sweepstakes to fun lead generator apps. 

We’ve found it useful that Agorapulse has seven ready-made Facebook apps available that you can use to help gain followers, acquire leads, create competitions, quizzes and more.

Facebook contest apps

A great boost for content strategy, it helps mix up content by offering something new and simple to your clients and their followers.

[[update March 1, 2018: Agorapulse no longer offers apps. Try our friends at Shortstack for great promotion options.]]

4. Effectively monitors ads

Setting up and managing your social media ads can take up a lot of your time, and we’ll readily admit that it can get confusing when you’re managing a number of different accounts! The best thing that Agorapulse enables us to manage are the comments on our Facebook ads which can so often be overlooked or missed.

comments moderation

To view comments on Facebook ads within Facebook itself, you have to go through ads manager, find the ad in question and then press ‘see post’ which will open up a new tab with the ad. Agorapulse, however, gets rid of all these unnecessary clicks by having an ‘ads comment’ tab where each comment can be easily reviewed. It’s a real life saver!

teams and agencies

5. Helps manage our employee workload

Team members can be assigned one of four roles within Agorapulse; admins, editors, moderators and guests. Given the fact that we are handing a wide number of accounts for our clients, our social media manager here at Action Digital finds it really helpful that you can assign pages to different members of the team so that you can allocate tasks and keep track of who is monitoring what.

For Action Digital, Agorapulse has not only saved us precious time, but it has also made us far more efficient, and given us that extra edge to provide our clients with the best possible service!

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Zoe Christodoulides is Head of Content at Action Global Communications, an international communications network, and a regular blogger and content writer for Action Digital, a full service digital agency and subsidiary of Action Global. She is also Chief Editor of while keeping busy as a freelance content writer for clients across a wide range of industries.