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11 Ideias de Biografia no Twitter Para Atrair Mais Seguidores e Engajamento

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This text was written originally in English by Amanda Webb  containing examples of bios of the Twitters of Ireland and opinions of the author. I Thiara  translated and adapted to our reality. If you wanted to check the original click here .

When was the last time you reviewed your bio on Twitter? These 160 characters that accompany your profile can be a powerful relationship building tool.

A good biography on Twitter “exudes” personality. It introduces you and your company to your audience and shows them what kind of content they can expect from you. Well used, your bio on Twitter will be memorable, it will help build relationships and attract the right followers.

When building your bio on Twitter, you need to consider:

  • Can you easily be found on Twitter search?
  • Does your bio generate conversation and encourages people to follow?
  • Does it accurately represent your business?
  • Does telling people what you do?

If your current biography on Twitter is not meeting these criteria, you need to take the time to redo it. In today’s article are 11 things you should consider adding. Even if you do not use all of them, just implementing one or two can produce immediate results.

1. Share Your Interests

When we take care of our network of contacts “offline” we meet people, we discover their interests, we hear about their family, hobbies and what they do not like. These are the keys to building lasting business relationships with customers, suppliers and people who will recommend you.

Share your interests on your bio on twitter irpa provide hook for conversations to be built. I love meeting someone new on Twitter who shares their hobbies or interests, it becomes easier for me to talk and find something in common.

Here’s the author’s bia .

And here’s my bio .


Add interests to gain more engagement

Add interests to gain more engagement

Most of Amanda’s tweets are about social media marketing, but from time to time other interests come up. This works too. Look at this Tweet that a follower sent to her. @Kate says ” I thought you’d like this”:


The author’s love for cats has also allowed her to start conversations that led to the business. Never underestimate the power of your interests!

Amanda is not the only one who includes her other interests in the biography on Twitter. See this example of Mary Jo Bell. She seems to be a much more interesting person while sharing her love of hiking, swimming, knitting and baking.

Mary-Jo-Bell's profile

Many possibilities to start a chat

2. Be personal

It is easy for your personality to get lost behind the name of the company you work for. For small businesses that add a personal touch to your bio on Twitter should be easy, especially if you’re the one to tweet.

Sometimes the smallest accounts are the best examples. We love to bio on Twitter Red Rufus Sock Dog’s . It is full of charm. After reading the bio we had to follow, she looked like someone we would love to read every tweet.

Bio on Twitter of Red Rufus Sock Dog full of personaldiade

Bio on Twitter of Red Rufus Sock Dog full of personaldiade

Although it is harder for them, larger companies can define a nice personality as well. Penguin Random House  is a great organization, but ‘Bookworms Unite’ raises a smile. It tells us something about the personality of the brand rather than the individual tweeters.


Bookworms unite, adding personality to a large organization.

3. Tell people who you are

The example of Penguin Random House above shows that even a big business can show personality. Another way that large organizations can show their human side (more sensitivity) is to tell us about the people who manage the account.

You can see this approach in action in this profile for Curious Wines wine lovers :

Curious wines tells us who is tweeting.  "Tweets (most) by Paul."

Curious wines tells us who is tweeting. “Tweets (most) by Paul.”

Le Cool Dublin  took this approach a bit further by including in their bio tweets their employees. This gives us the opportunity to connect with the personalities behind the tweets. This tactic will keep the tweeters  on your feet as well. They have an additional incentive to keep their customers satisfied knowing that they can be sought elsewhere outside of Twitter.

It's easy to find the tweeters from Le Cool Dublin

It’s easy to find out who makes Le Cool Dublin tweets

4. Tell people what you will be tweeting about.

People will be naturally skeptical of business accounts on Twitter. They think they will be bombarded with sales messages if they start following a certain profile. Your Twitter bio is an opportunity to reassure you. Tell people what they will find by clicking the “Continue” button.

Telling people about what you’re tweeting generates expectations and attracts the right followers. Using keywords in your bio will also make your discovery in Twitter search easier.

Newstalk reassures us with his bio that makes us think that by following the profile we will get additional information about the shows we like.

Newstalk shows us what we can expect from your tweets.

Newstalk shows us what we can expect from your tweets.

Caragh Nurseries takes a similar approach since Jo makes it clear that it is not just a business broadcast about your product.

Caragh Nurseries - Not just about business.

Caragh Nurseries – Not just about business.

5. Use hashtags

Using one or two segmented hashtags in your Twitter bio is a helpful shortcut to tell people about what your profile is. If you are using this approach be careful not to load your bio with too many tags. Choose a pair that best represents your business. Hashtags also help when your profile is found in Twitter searches, so choose wisely.

The Irish profile  The Cat Shepherd does it very well. It includes its own hashtag in its bia, encouraging others to join and uses #Ireland to attract a local audience.

Catshepherd's bio

Hashtags tells us about the account holder.

Keoghs farm , producers of gourmet potatoes (crisps), uses #glutenfree (gluten-free) and the tag of his #ilovespuds (I love potatoes) niche in his bio.

Hashtags that will attract a broad and niche audience.

Hashtags that will attract a broad and niche audience.

The hashtag per niche ensures that they do not get lost in a sea of ​​search results. The broad hashtag will be searched more often giving them more exposure.

6. Share information

What is your Twitter account for? What users should expect to see from you when they arrive on your profile? Can they get in touch with customer service? Do they need to know about your latest event?

You can use the biography to share information that is important to your followers. Although the author finds this example of Dublin City Hall a bit heavy, they are sharing important information. If a user / follower can not get feedback through Twitter they know exactly where to contact them.

Include more information for followers

Include more information for followers

Local chambers are usually replete with bureaucracy and legislation. The author liked that they put the link of their guidelines in their bio. It may be necessary from their point of view, but as a follower I find it comforting.

Cooks Academy  can add your contact information in a more organic way. They use their 160 characters wisely, including information about the business, the person responsible for the Tweets and their phone number.

Contact information included as part of the bio

Contact information included as part of the bio

7. Tell people what you do.

Sounds obvious, does not it? Especially if you are a business. However, unless you’re a big deal like Ben & Jerry’s  you can not get away from being enigmatic.


Take a look at your bio on Twitter, it seems dry? Can you make it more attractive by staying informative?

The account The Happy Pear  can tell us what they do in such a talkative tone that soon we know that their tweets will be interesting.

Tell people what you do, but interestingly.

Tell people what you do, but interestingly.

Mention  can also tell us about your business in an interesting and informative way.

Mention finds a creative way to tell us about your service.

Mention finds a creative way to tell us about your service.

8. Add humor

Humor will make it memorable. If you can make people smile you are associating your business with a positive emotion.

The Twitter bio the Anton Savage show  is an inside joke to make regular listeners smile and are ticklish to attract strangers. The presenter is well known for his elegant suits. The reference below for your suits make your followers feel like a part of the club. We also hope that tweets are fun with a lot of laughs.

The Anton Savage show in a joke with his listeners

The Anton Savage show in a joke with his listeners

9. Add Location

If your business is local or national, it is important to include this information in the biography on Twitter. The good news is that this does not make it part of its 160 characters. There is a specific section that allows you to enter this information.

You can customize and say whatever you want. If you are hyper location, you can enter the city, state and country in which you work. If you are nationwide only the country will suffice. Whether you cater to the whole “global” or “universal” world are good descriptive terms.

Adding a location will help you appear in more search results.

10. Add Links

You have the opportunity to include a link in your bio outside the 160-character description limit. This clickable link should direct the follower to your main site or a specific landing page.

Author Amanda uses this tactic in the We Teach Social Twitter profile  . Currently they promote the calendar of summer courses and sale of books. They are able to include a link in the own bio and another in the link section.

Links within your biography are clickable

Links within your biography are clickable

Dan Walsh  also uses this tactic. Providing a link to a blog within its 160 characters and another link in the main section.


11. Disclaimer / Notice

Some organizations may require you to add a notice / retraction on your bio on personal Twitter. In most cases this will be something like “Tweets and opinions are mine”. It is important to remember that these retractions do not necessarily have any legal standing .

Covering a retraction in your bio and retaining a personal touch can be challenging. I like this approach from the corresponding Gavan Reilly .

A Different Approach to a Retreat

A Different Approach to a Retreat

Get creative with your retraction / exemption and people will remember you.

Twitter Report Card


Personality is everything. You do not have to be funny, but you need to have something authentic to encourage people to follow you. Just be honest about who you are and what you are and what you are offering in the most creative way possible and you will see more followers and much more interaction as a result.

Your turn

What’s in your bio on Twitter? Which of these tactics have worked for you? What tips do you have to show? Share with us and on Twitter!

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