Social Media Engagement Tools & Metrics

Quick. Efficient. Powerful.

Social Media Engagement in 30 Minutes a Day

Never miss a tweet, post, comment, or message
Measure your social media engagement
Engage with your audience on every social media account
Identify the content that resonates best with your community

Engage on multiple social media platforms

Social media engagement should be fun, not torture. Your email-like inbox system contains everything a fan, follower, or general user can send you. Review, reply, retweet, label, bookmark, or assign any incoming content. Switch between multiple social media accounts with one click.

Harness the power of the hashtag

Hashtags can level up your social media content:
– Easily save and reuse hashtag presets for your social media posts
– Get details on your hashtag performance
– Listen in on conversations related to you and your industry via created hashtags

Get to Inbox Zero lightning-fast

Managing all that noise coming through your social media channels is easier than you think! Never miss a tweet, post, comment, or message with Agorapulse’s inbox system. Assign the right content to the right person, and see at a glance who handles what.

Measure your social media engagement

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Advanced social media engagement metrics empower you to:
– Get post-level engagement analytics for Facebook
– Improve your conversation rate on Twitter
– Track your users’ interactions on Instagram

Let Agorapulse help you put the "social" back in social media.

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