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Podcast: Should We Direct a Facebook Ad to a Site We Don’t Own?

November 15, 2017 • By

Scott Ayres

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Full Episode Details:

Is It a Good Idea to Send Facebook Ad Traffic to Someone Else’s Site?

This is an interesting experiment that you likely haven’t seen elsewhere.

We wanted to see if sending Facebook ad traffic to a blog article review of our app performed better/worse than a typical landing page.

Our Hypothesis:

Facebook Ads Traffic Test

In This Episode:

  • Background on why we ran this test
  • How we setup the Facebook ad test
  • What the data told us
  • Our conclusion based on the data

Quotes From the Episode:

“Imagine you have a great product that customers love, and 1 day an influencer writes about you…” – Jason How

“Wait.. We made an exact copy of Ian Anderson Gray’s article on our site just so we could track the data?!” – Richard Beeson



What Is The Social Media Lab?

The Social Media Lab is a project powered by Agorapulse dedicated to spending $15,000 per month to bust the myths, rumors and stories related to social media marketing.

We’ll test mainly organic reach, but also will run paid experiments.

The experiments are conducted by myself, Scott Ayres, and Jason How.

We typically publish 1 blog post and podcast per week.

The podcast is co-hosted by Richard Beeson and myself.

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