Social Media Monitoring Made Easy

All-In-One  |  Efficient  |  Affordable

Streamlined tools for monitoring all your social accounts

  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Track your posts’ shares & mentions
  • Monitored Searches For Relevant Keywords
  • Identify Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

Monitor Multiple Social Media Accounts

Get more time in your workday with Social Media Monitoring Tools that empower you to:

  • Quickly identify new monitored elements across your different social networks.
  • Switch between multiple Social Media accounts with one click of a button.

Social Media Tracking on Facebook

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Facebook:

  • Track every one of your posts that’s been shared, and who’s shared them.
  • Recieve notifications when someone mentions your Facebook page.
  • Review, assign and mark monitored items as important.

Monitor Keywords on Twitter

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Twitter:

  • Find searches on relevant keywords for your business
  • Identify users who retweet your content the most
  • Find brand ambassadors & discover who’s sharing links to your website

Find your Brand's Ambassadors on Instagram

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Instagram:

  • Identify your brand’s amabassadors by monitoring hashtags and locations
  • Know your ambassadors at a glance thanks to automated badges
  • Use cutomized tags to quickly find monitored searches