Social Media Tools For Agencies

Impress your clients with better, measurable results. Wow yourself by saving tons of time.
And do it all without breaking the bank!

Get sharp, comprehensive reports in PowerPoint

With just one click, get a full Powerpoint analytics report that you can easily personalize for your clients.

Get all the analytics you need from us. We don’t charge per report — they’re all included.

Manage team roles and create work flows

Assign messages from your audience and publishing drafts to any other team member.

Grant team members different permissions for each social profile, then report on who’s done what.

- Andrea Morgan
Founder and Managing Director of Citrus Content
"Using Agorapulse has saved probably a minute per post. When you add that to the number of posts we share across the many accounts every day it starts to mount up"

Collaborate with your clients

Invite your clients to create content drafts or approve them, or both.

Assign incoming content from your audience to the right team member with a custom note. They’ll be informed immediately within Agorapulse or by email.

All your clients’ social activity in one place

Relax — you won’t miss a thing. Monitor social networks for important conversations, build content publishing calendars, manage incoming messages, and keep your clients’ accounts organized better and faster than before.


Agorapulse will get your team to Social Inbox Zero and build a report on all the work you’ve accomplished.

- Tom Blight
Social Media Consultant, AGX Agency
"Thanks to AgoraPulse we were able to sign more clients.It allowed us to present our services in a more professional way, quantify our efforts, give a clear insight in our approach and give them the final word about the content that was going to be published."

Multiple client accounts at one low price

We know you manage multiple accounts on a budget, and we built our pricing model for you!

For example, you can manage up to 10 social media accounts — and up to 3 team members — for just $99 per month.

- Danielle Hoole
Director of Operations, Bonfire
"AgoraPulse has been a great company to work with and are always willing to consider our suggestions for tweaks to their products!"

Free tools to help you pitch new clients

Our free tools will allow you to benchmark your clients’ Facebook and Twitter performance while running free, unlimited contests on your timeline.

Demonstrate the value of your efforts - ROI calculator

You define the value of each key indicator (impressions, clicks, sentiment, etc.) and we’ll make the calculations for you immediately.

Find out why agencies love Agorapulse -- in their own words

Agencies love how Agorapulse saves them time and money on social media management.