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August 23, 2016 at 8:00 am

5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Social Media Management

There are millions of Chrome extensions for your favorite Internet browser but as a social media manager you need the ones that will help to ease your busy schedule.  In this article, I’m going to tell you my five essential Chrome extensions for social media managers.

Once you’re tried them you will never want to live without them!

1.  Best For Busy People:  Pocket


Like most social media managers, I’m super busy. I’m constantly stumbling across cool articles online but I don’t have time to read them which is where Pocket comes into play.

The “Save to Pocket” browser extension adds a Pocket button to your toolbar so you can save pages and read them later.. even when you’re not online. The awesome thing is that once you’re signed up, Pocket will save to your account from any device if you’re using the same email. This is especially great for busy digital managers who can catch up on their reading during the commute home.

2. Best For Twitter Users:  Bitly

Chrome extensionsNobody likes tweets with long hyperlinks because they massively eat up your character limit. If you are always sharing from the web to Twitter then you need the Bitly Chrome extension. Featuring custom shortening, analytics, and easy share buttons, this extension even notifies you when your link reaches your designated viewing target. chrome extension bitly

3. Best For Content Curators:  Feedly Mini

extensions feedly

As a busy social media manager, you will know that sourcing and sharing great content is an important part of your strategy (see Let’s Be Clear on Content Creation vs. Content Curation). Feedly Mini allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds plus tag, share or subscribe to anything juicy that you find online.

The Feedly Mini extension adds a small icon to each page so when you click it you can automatically add feeds or share to your accounts. Need to speed up your Feedly? Here are some awesome shortcuts to have you curating like a ninja!

4. Best For Pinners:  Pinterest  Save Button

extensions pin

If you’re an avid Pinterest user then you absolutely have to install the Pin It extension. Sharing to Pinterest is made infinitely easier with the Pinterest extension, which lets you Pin any image you find online to your Pinterest board.

When you click on the Pinterest Save Button, a window containing all the images will open so you can choose which one you share. Clicking the extension opens up a window of all images that appear on the page, and you can choose which one(s) to share.  If you have the extension then you will also see the button whenever you mouse over an image… tempting huh?

5. Best For Scheduling: Agorapulse

extensions agora

Everyone’s favorite social media management tool has done it again with its Chrome Extension! With the Agorapulse extension you can easily publish and schedule content from around the web to your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. The extension even includes some superstar goodies like scheduled reshares for managing your curated content!

teams and agencies

Bonus: 5 Chrome Extensions For Productivity

Need a few extra extensions to help you get the job done? Here are my top 5 Chrome extensions for superhero productivity!

  1. Video Cutter With Online Video Cutter you can easily cut videos and remove unwanted parts from them. Supported by YouTube this is really handy for social media managers.
  2. Pic Monkey This awesome free photo editor lets you quickly touch up images, airbrush portraits and add neat effects. Great for when your graphic designer is on vacation!
  3. Google Keep Quickly capture thoughts and share them with your team. Record voice memos on the go and have them automatically transcribed… now that’s productive!
  4. Google Forms Collect RSVPs, run surveys or create social media reports , or quickly create a team roster with a simple online form. Then check out the results, neatly organized in a spreadsheet.
  5. Browser Stack Local This is an amazing extension for social media managers wanting to test layouts, workflows and interactivity across 700+ real desktop and mobile browsers… a massive time saver!

Which of these Chrome extensions will you add to your browser? Let me know in the comments!

Check out these five great Chrome extensions for social media management. You know the Pinterest Pin It button is on the list. Find out what the other four are.

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