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Written by Shayla Price

September 29, 2016 at 7:27 am

Here’s How Your Employees Can Amplify Social Media Content

To amplify your social media content, enlist the help of your greatest asset—your employees.

Don’t miss out on this big opportunity.

Encourage and train them how to represent your brand. Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Spread Brand Culture

Perception is everything in business. How your brand looks can determine whether consumers purchase your products or not.

So ask your employees to share posts online about your brand’s culture. This means expressing your company’s values, mission, and goals.

For example, workers might feel compelled to post photos of the annual employee retreat or your open-space work environment.

You want messages to convey happiness and excitement. Here’s a tweet from an employee at ZOZI encouraging people to apply for a job with her employer.

employee advocacy exampleEmployee advocacy isn’t just about building brand awareness.

“[It] has been proven to have a significant impact on revenue. From a lead generation perspective, employee advocacy is an ‘always on’ marketing channel that results in 5x more Web traffic and 25 percent more leads,” writes Travis Wright, a venture catalyst and keynote speaker.

Don’t be shy. Spread brand culture.

2. Send Project Updates

Research shows that “50% of employees post messages, pictures or videos on social media about their employers.”

That’s good news for companies wanting their employees to share more social media content. However, this question always arises: What type of content should they post?

In the online community, the best messages are personal. They give followers a different perspective of who you are and what you do.

Therefore, urge employees to post updates about their projects. Let them show their fans what they’re working on and how they contribute to the workforce.

Below you’ll see a staffer at Black America Web show off her project. She even invites people to take a look.


Image Source

Remind workers to not share confidential information. You don’t want your trade secrets exposed.

Besides that, give employees the option to update the world about their ongoing tasks.

3. Share Company News

Your marketing team works hard to disseminate information about your business. And they probably have a routine to send company news to the same media outlets.

To widen your distribution channels, ask employees to share company news on their social media networks. The information doesn’t have to be formal, like a press release.

Rally your workers together to send company blog posts or short video clips. These social messages will spread further than the traditional distribution channels.

Below Kelsey Jones shares a Linkedin update to her employer’s site from her personal account.


Image Source

You don’t want employees wasting time posting every single message. That’s where the Agorapulse “requeue” feature steps in. This tool makes it easy for users to keep posts in rotation.

repost Twitter contentChange how you share company news. Get your employees involved in the process.

4. Influence Customers

You’ve heard it before: Customers buy from brands they trust.

Instead of relying on corporate jargon, empower your employees to talk about your products. They know firsthand what makes your items worthwhile.

Let your workers’ social media content illustrate cool features and reveal new benefits.

Moreover, treat your employees like brand advocates. Let them promote exclusive promotions on their social pages.

Ben Donkor, social media analyst at Link Humans and Microsoft, states:

“Give your employees something exclusive, something their friends and followers can’t get anywhere else. Enable your employees to be the go-to person in their own circles for any information and content related to your brand.”

At Nike, employees have access to their very own store. Plus they receive deep discounts.

social media content from employees

Image Source

5. Boast Accomplishments

People like boasting about their successes. That’s why folks take multiple pictures just to get the perfect angle for an Instagram post.

Nothing is different with your employees. They want to share their accomplishments with their friends and family.

Support workers by telling them to post their Employee of the Month certificates or their 10-year work anniversary gifts. It’s a great way for workers to celebrate on social media.

Consistently show advocates that their participation matters. Show your employees evidence that what they’re doing is having an impact and is appreciated, says Emily Bacheller, a former SEO Lead at TopRank Online Marketing.

On the Agorapulse platform, you can easily track who is sharing your employees’ content, and you can receive notifications when people reply.

Give your workers the space to boast about their achievements.

Bottom Line: Empower Your Employees to Share Social Media Content

Bring life to your brand strategy. Distribute social media content with the help of your employees.

Motivate workers to share company news and tweet about project updates. Empower employees to spread the word.

How do you motivate your employees to share social media content? Let us know in the comments!


social media contentHere's how your employees can amplify your social media content.
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