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Written by Emeric Ernoult

February 13, 2013 at 4:27 pm

Give your Facebook apps 8 times more virality with open graph frictionless sharing

By now, we’re all quite aware of Facebook dropping the Timeline bomb on our Pages. Most businesses have been focusing on adjusting to the new format, such as a wider canvas for tab apps, the removal of the default landing tab, etc.

However, because of this most app providers are not taking advantage of the new functionality provided. Case in point, most are still relying on the now old-fashioned “share” or “invite” options to recruit fans and their friends. We say that it’s time for these providers to harness the viral power of frictionless sharing with Open Graph!

Instead of simply taking our word for it, let us share our own experiences. Like some other vendors, AgoraPulse offers self-service Facebook applications, such as Quiz, Sweepstakes, Photo Contest, and Coupons. Brands use these to engage their fan base and convert visitors into fans. Nothing new there.

But since upgrading our platform to Open Graph, Timeline stories, and frictionless sharing, our apps are receiving greater visibility. More engaging stories about fan interactions with our products are automatically appearing in their Tickers, Newsfeeds, and Timelines — “John took a Quiz” or “Lisa voted for X on Photo Contest”.

That’s cool and all, but what does it really mean for your bottom line? The results have been impressive with four times the actions published resulting quadruple impressions.There are also eight times more referral clicks back to the app.

That means 400% more Facebook apps virality and an 800% increase in referrals!

The screenshot below illustrates the viral effect of the pre-Timeline days vs. the new Open Graph era.

Facebook apps virality boosted by OpenGraph frictionless sharing

This is evidence that Facebook’s new features are great for brands who know how to leverage them. Gone are the days when they had to solely rely on fans voluntarily posting and sharing their activity on their friends’ newsfeeds.

Well, that’s been our experience. How about you? If you have been working in Open Graph frictionless sharing, have you also noticed any increase in referral traffic?

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Emeric Ernoult

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