Got some creative fans with interesting things to say?

Kinda wanna hide some of those adolescent tidbits of intellectual profundity?

The native Facebook profanity filters for your business page aren’t that robust. 

You can learn all about them in this two-minute video-



All about Facebook’s native moderation tools




Even if you don’t want “Agorapulse F***ing Rocks” to appear on your page, it could be beneficial to know it was there.  Some Facebook page management tools can automatically hide specific pieces of content from the public until it is seen and approved by you.


Here’s how they work

You create an automated moderation rule with specific keywords (profanity) then choose between multiple triggers such as Hide, Delete, Tag or Assign


facebook tips for business automatic moderation rules

Automatic moderation rules give you more control over your Facebook page’s Timeline


Choose the ‘hide’ feature, sit back and relax.  When any Facebook user uses any of these keywords in a post on your page, you- the community manager -will see this content within your app, but the filtered content will automatically be hidden from public view on Facebook.


facebook tips for business hide Timeline content

3rd party apps allow you to see and hide fan content from public view, unlike Facebook’s native profanity features


There’s a big difference between

“YOUR BRAND NAME f***’ing sucks!”
“YOUR BRAND NAME f***’ing rocks!”

so make sure the app provider you choose also allows you to approve and publish these pieces of content should you wish to.

And, if your app provider has custom workflow management tools, and it really really should, you’ll be able to filter directly to fan posts or comments that have been assigned to you.

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Your turn.  Tell me your funniest story about profanity on your brand or organization’s page!