facebook-marketing-newsThere is a heavy emphasis on Facebook contests this week, and why not? They are easily one of the best ways to target Fans both old and new. Jon Loomer spills the beans on his own advertising campaign that netted him a 35 x ROI and we find out more about the AgoraPulse Facebook Barometer and the new insights dashboard. Happy reading!

#1 Free Facebook Contest App – Why You’ll Pay in the End

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse

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Facebook contests are a great way to engage with your Fans and to expand your audience. Choosing the right app for your contest is vital to its success. Take a look at the pros and cons of free contest apps and what to look out for when choosing an app for your Facebook contest.

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#2 How I Got Amazing ROI from Facebook Ads

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital

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Jon Loomer is undoubtedly one of the foremost industry experts when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Here he shares the results of the first Facebook advertising campaign he has run on his own behalf. It’s a full and frank disclosure of campaigns, spend and ROI and the results are impressive to say the least.

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#3 The Best Contest Apps for Travel Destinations

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse

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Marketing on Facebook is a no brainer for travel destinations, regardless of size. Facebook contests are one of the best ways to promote Fan engagement and to build an audience. Facebook marketers are often faced with a myriad of choices when it comes to the type of contest to run and the best contest app to make it successful. This article will help; it matches goals with contest type and contest type with the best app. Sorted!

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#4 Embedded Posts Roll Out Complete

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook
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After initial testing with select media Pages, Facebook has now completed the roll out of embedded Posts for all users. Embedded Posts allow users to add public Posts from Facebook to other destinations on the web, such as blogs and websites.

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#5 Reasons to Focus on Facebook Photo Contests

Author: Emeric Ernoult, for JeffBullas.com
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We have covered a lot about Facebook contests this week; nonetheless we all know that when it comes to virality nothing beats photos. Here is the why and how you should run photo contests to promote your Page.

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#6 Let’s Look Inside the Best Features of New Insights!

Author: Andrea Vahl, AndreaVahl.com
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This article goes through the 7 best features of the new Facebook Insights dashboard. It also saves us time by giving a step by step guide on where to find the most important information and what insights we can skip – excellent for busy Facebook marketers.

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#7 Facebook Barometer Reports Fan Engagement Stats

Author: Cynthia Boris, Marketing Pilgrim

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The AgoraPulse Facebook barometer is a free tool that allows users to benchmark their Page in terms of engagement, reach and storytellers. The report groups Pages by industry and also by audience size. Cynthia Boris of Marketing Pilgrim goes through the most revealing stats from last month’s barometer.

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#8 Six Costly Facebook Marketing Blunders

Author: Tod Maffin for TodMaffin.com
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According to Tod Maffin, these are the top six mistakes made by Facebook marketers. We can’t say that we disagree with him. Check them out to make sure that you are not unwittingly hampering your Facebook marketing campaign.

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