Communication is evolving into quick, short interactions.

Research uncovered that 63% of consumers say their messaging with companies has increased over the past two years. This trend offers an opportunity to use Facebook Messenger for business.

From resolving customer inquiries to facilitating sales transactions, here are five brands unlocking the potential to build consumer connections with messaging.

1.  Fandango

In business, some companies live by the old adage: If you build it, they will come.

But in today’s global economy, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you must meet customers on their playing field.

And that’s exactly what Fandango is doing! The movie ticket distributor is giving consumers the ability to buy tickets to all their favorite movies without leaving Facebook Messenger.

“The Fandango bot on Messenger will act like a personal concierge, helping fans instantly discover movies and nearby theaters, and for the first time, connect to all Fandango showtimes and ticketing through Facebook,” says Fandango president Paul Yanover.

While gathering friends for a late night movie, customers receive access to movie information, trailers, showtimes, theater locations, and purchasing options.


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Join your customers in their online environments. You’ll boost your sales in the process.

2. 1-800-Flowers

Simplicity matters to the everyday consumer. They don’t have time nor the patience to click through 20 steps to complete a purchase.

Facebook Messenger for business makes a fast and easy transaction possible. Within the application, 1-800-Flowers customers can order flowers, pay for them, and track their delivery.

And the floral retailer isn’t relying solely on chatbots to enhance the shopping experience. Customers have the option to connect with a human customer service representative.


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“Messaging allows companies to complete the marketing funnel through awareness (via a News Feed), search and explore (via Messenger), and purchase (also via Messenger). It’s simply better than mobile websites, apps, or email,” writes technology entrepreneur Seth Rosenberg.

Shorten the time it takes for consumers to buy your services. Everyone wins from the experience.

3. Spring

Research shows that nearly 50% of Millennials regularly browse for products online. Searching websites for the latest styles is the new window shopping.

What’s cool is that you don’t have to do it alone! Clothing retailer Spring is giving consumers their very own personal shopping assistant on Facebook Messenger.

Through a series of multiple-choice questions, the chatbot narrows down your product choices. You’re asked about specific product categories and price points. And eventually, you’re presented with items you might want to buy. Purchase what you desire, and a receipt is generated.

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If you’re thinking about offering a similar service, consider the following:

  • What kinds of questions will you answer?
  • What will customers expect from the conversations?
  • How will you highlight product information in a favorable manner?

Guide customers through your sales funnel by helping them browse your product selection.

4. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The power of choice.

Customers love when brands offer multiple ways to receive information. It means they can choose the best option that fits their lifestyles.

Decades ago, people were limited to customer support via telephone. But now, they have the choice of email, live chat, and even Twitter support.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is expanding customer choice again with the help of Facebook. Customers can receive their booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass, and flight status updates via Messenger.

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If your business requires reservations, like a restaurant, take a few pointers from this Messenger format. It’s a simple and effective way to connect with your customers.

5. CNN

Buyers enjoy receiving content personalized to fit their interests. And 77% of marketers agree that real-time personalization is crucial to their businesses.

The team at CNN is embracing this trend by recommending personalized content to their readers. On Messenger, the network interacts with users in a natural and conversational way.

Subscribers receive a daily digest of top stories and can message CNN for news about specific topics.

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“Messenger apps are ripe for news as they enable that intimacy of a one-to-one conversation, but they’re also a medium to broadcast messages at scale. That’s why it’s so exciting. The big four messaging apps have overtaken the big four social platforms,” states Alex Wellen, CNN’s SVP and chief product officer.

Seamlessly deliver content personalized for your target audience.  It’ll transform how your team communicates information.

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Take Advantage of Messenger for Business

As communication channels shift, consumers desire conversations that fit their lifestyles. Facebook Messenger for business makes customer service and commerce convenient.

Learn the best uses of messaging for your brand. Then, seek to build a personal connection with your customers.

How are you using Facebook Messenger for business? Let us know in the comments below!