There are tons of social media management tools out there. We’re happy to be among the top 5 according to users in this latest infographic. And who says size matters? This report says that we rank highest for user satisfaction.

How on Earth did that happen — especially with such big players out there?

Here’s my very strong hunch.

We start by offering the must-haves that social media managers need. Just like our behemoth competitors, we offer multichannel publishing, and a mobile app, Chrome Extension — all the stuff that we have to have to play in this space.

But we also offer exclusive features that have come out of our THOUSANDS of hours talking to social media managers and agencies about what they wish to see in a social media management tool.

I’d love to share eight of these features with you right now.

1- Inbox Zero Communication

You know that “I *crushed* it” feeling you get when you finish respond your very last unread message in your email Inbox?

We built a tool that will make you feel the same way with managing social media.

With Inbox Zero on the Agorapulse dashboard, there is no more reading content up-and-down and side-to-side in streams. No more wading through a single inbox for all your social channels and profiles.

Simply move through the must-respond-to items from your accounts in your accounts.

inbox and reply

Within moments, you’ll reach Inbox Zero.


Warning: Inbox Zero may prompt involuntary fist pumps or hand horns.

2 – The Ability to Look Good on Every Social Media Channel (Preview and Customization)

Scheduling to multiple channels is certainly a time saver, but a good tweet might not necessarily make a good LinkedIn post if you blast both messages with one click.

If you autopost to Twitter and LinkedIn with your current tool, your #TravelTuesday tweet on Twitter might generate a lot of clickthroughs and retweets, but on LinkedIn, that hashtag-y post will most likely be noisy, unsearchable, and unclickable.

We came up with a solution that will both decrease your time posting to various channels while increasing the way your posts look across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Here’s how I can give my personalized social media tip to two social channels from one screen.



3- Your Best Tweets on Auto Repeat

If your business or agency is into content marketing, then you know the value of evergreen content.

And if you know the value of evergreen content, you know that you need to constantly promote it in order for it to have long-term benefits.

What if I told you that we have a way that you can constantly promote evergreen content on Twitter without having to add it to your Twitter scheduler over and over again?

Welcome to our Twitter requeue feature.


Tell us how many times you’d like a tweet put back in your queue — and consider it done!

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4 – The Joy of Never Seeing Spam on Your Social Accounts

If you manage social media accounts with decent followings, you mostly likely deal with spam on a daily basis.

We know you have better things to do with your time.

That’s why we came up with totally customizable moderation rules for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the Agorapulse Inbox Assistant you can now create keyword-based automatic moderation rules that get rid of the stuff forever. 

Do people ever spray links on your Facebook or Instagram accounts? Filter them out of your inbox.

inbox assistant rules


As you can see in this example, you can set other rules for things like questions, obscenities, and whatever else you’d want to filter, label, delete, or assign to a teammate.

Bottom line: If there’s something you don’t want to see in your inbox, you can create a rule to have it move along.

And now you can set up similar rules for your own social media accounts– combating spam and trolls before they have a chance to darken your day.

5 – Facebook and Instagram Ad Comments Management

Some marketers think Facebook and Instagram ads are a one-way paid media form that happens to be on social networks.


As long as your ad has comments enabled — which it will because there’s no way to disable them — you’re going to have to deal with all sort of replies from Facebook and Instagram users.

If your ad has decent reach, you’ll undoubtedly get glowing raves about your company, nasty comments about your ad copy, and good ol’ spam.

As with your social profiles, you want to manage those good, bad, and ugly comments. And we have a way to do it.

Filter and roll through your ad comments in a flash.

facebook ad comments

6 – Data on Your Most Passionate Followers

This is the feature that I love showing people. It’s a built-in CRM element to your social dashboard.

With our user tab, you can learn who’s been great about commenting on your posts, tweeting (or retweeting) your content, or loves to talk about you on public accounts.

custom user tag

You can also add labels to customize your relationships with these users. In the image above, created the tab “contentprovider” to people I regram (with permission of course).

When you click on a user’s name on this list, you can get more scoop on them, including a history of their interactions with your account.

social conversation history

Especially if you’re working with other social media managers, this is a GREAT way to get to know your most active users and the interactions these users have had with your brand.

7 – Analytics in PowerPoint

Seasoned social managers know that when it comes to reporting, the goal is not to overwhelm your boss or client with an endless array of data points. These non-social folks just want to quickly see that you’ve done what you’ve set out to do with their social accounts.

We’ll let you impress whoever you want in two ways.

You can share your Web-based stats on your audience, engagement, awareness, and management.


Or you can download and totally customize a PowerPoint deck to knock the socks of your person-to-impress. Add your logo, take out stats that are not as meaningful to your brand, add a slide on your email or Website efforts. It’s yours to shape as you wish.

Better than a drab spreadsheet or static PDF, don’t you think?

8 – Team Features That Will Make You Like Doing Social With Others

So many teams and agencies have told us that they often trip over each other’s toes when it comes to multiple people handling multiple accounts on the same dashboard.

That sounded like a hot mess. So we sought out ways to keep everyone aware of what’s being done, what’s going to be done — and by whom.

If you see a post, comment, or message that needs attention — and you know a teammate would be best to handle it, simply assign it to her. Add any additional commentary in a an accompanying note and off it goes to her for her feedback.


If you’re concerned about some team members having the keys to your social kingdom, you can set super specific roles for them. Specify what role each person has on your social media accounts and breathe easy.

assign team roles

Cool features, huh?

Imagine your time savings if you implemented just two or three of these features? As my dad would say, that alone would be “worth the price of admission.”

What of these Agorapulse features would you be most interested to try? How would that make your social media management easier — and dare I say it, fun?

Take our free trial and find out for yourself.

team social media management