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Written by April Heavens-Woodcock

June 24, 2015 at 9:59 am

Instatraffic: How to Generate Traffic from Instagram and Create Brand Awareness


I’ve found Instagram to be a vitally important tool for creating brand awareness and generating traffic. It enables me to quickly gain followers and attract my target market. Instagram also makes it simple to engage potential customers and develop relationships that encourage brand loyalty.

Your account’s profile provides the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness for your business. The username is the only searchable field and the bio is the only real estate for clickable links, so make sure you include your website’s URL, a keyword from your industry niche to make it easier for visitors to find you, as well as benefits that your business provides.

Make sure your profile photo is relevant and creates the perception with which you want your brand to be remembered.



Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends aka, Instagram expert offer these tips for getting the most traffic to your website:

“The most important process of sending Instagram users to your website is two-fold: you need a clear call-to-action (CTA) in the post caption and you need the link in your bio set up to drive traffic DIRECTLY where you want people to go.

The CTA in your Instagram post caption should very clearly state that you want the person to “click on the link in [my] bio” in order to get to what you are promoting. If you are promoting a product or item for sale, the link in your Instagram bio MUST go to that page directly. If you are directing people to an opt-in or other lead generation page, the link in the URL must go directly to that page. Wherever it is you are sending them, understand that the person has already clicked on 3 or buttons to get there and the last thing you want to do is leave them hanging on your website homepage with no idea how to get to the information you promoted on Instagram.”


Instagram is an outstanding venue to take advantage of the current visual marketing trend. Add images of your products or services but also be sure to communicate a benefit they offer.

Videos are another great marketing tool that allows me to engage my visitors, and “how to” videos are the best for informing customers of many ways your product can be used or provide information on its benefits. Chalene Johnson, a well known fitness guru, has grown a strong brand awareness through her “how to” videos that are short and to the point for her audience. Click here to view her latest on Instagram



Videos are also a great way to deliver holiday greetings or allow followers to participate in special events. For example, followers who watch a video can receive special discounts and free products. Instagram is a highly effective medium for carrying out promotions..

Instagram operates a little differently than other social media networks when it comes to generating traffic. Since the only clickable link is located in the bio, the posted images must quickly attract the viewers’ attention. One useful technique is to use a watermark to get the URL in front of viewers. I often post images in my blog that I’ve posted on Instagram as well. I use photo editing programs to add a brief line of teaser and a link back to the blog. A few if my favorites are WordSwag and Canva.


They’re quick and simple to use and require only a few clicks. Jenn Herman states the following about capturing the best return on investment from your content:

It’s important to know what you want out of Instagram in order to determine what results you want Instagram to drive for you. You may want to drive traffic to a sales page or blog page on your website. Or you might want to generate more followers as part of your desire to build brand awareness. The key, no matter what your goal, is to create visual content that promotes this goal and to use clear calls-to-action (CTAs) in your post captions to drive that action.
For example, I want to drive traffic to my blog to increase readership. I post an image of every blog post I write to my Instagram account. These blog post images are heavily branded so that my audience knows immediately when they see them that they are blog post notifications. Then I include a descriptive caption that teases the blog post content and include a clear CTA to click on the link in my bio (which takes them directly to the blog page on my website).”


Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to gain exposure on Instagram, and you’ll need them to ensure you reach your intended audience, but please, never use more than 5. Overusing hashtags will lead to posts being labeled spam.

Like most other social media networks, a successful marketing campaign on Instagram requires frequent interaction with followers. I post regular, follow users that fall in my target demographic and I “like” and comment on other users posts. This provides exposure for my business and generates interest in my products. It provides me with an opportunity to answer questions about my products and receive valuable feedback.

That time spent developing personal relationships has significantly impacted the growth of my business.



I use analytics tools and applications to help determine my Instagram followers’ demographics, one of my favorites is Simply Measured. It helps me understand if my content is attracting an audience who would find my product useful. I can also view which posts received the highest and lowest engagement from my followers. As a result, I better comprehend the type of content my audience prefers and can make improvements.



Instagram is a proven source of high-quality leads and tool for creating brand awareness. It opens the door for quickly sharing rich, creative content that will attract potential customers.

Are you using Instagram for business? I’m still learning more and more every day about how it can truly benefit my business with the content I deliver. Share your successes with me below and connect with me at @touchingclients.

April Heavens-Woodcock

Email & Social Media Mentor, Speaker, & Chief Buzz Officer at Touching Clients

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