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Social Pulse Podcast: Retail Edition is your go-to guide to solving your biggest retail social media marketing challenges – authentically.

Join award-winning marketer Mike Allton as he peels back the curtain with retail social media and community managers just like you, unveils the issues they’ve been struggling with the most, and explores how they’ve overcome those challenges. Each episode is an honest and frank look at what marketers go through – from awful algorithms to terrific trends – and ideas that you can apply to your own business.

Whether you’re leading the department or boots on the ground, Social Pulse Podcast: Retail Edition will help you expand your knowledge, address your challenges, and apply successful social media marketing strategies in the years to come.

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Featuring Amazing 
Guests Like:

  • Chad Israel, LinkedIn Channel Lead 
at Microsoft
  • Jenn Herman, World’s Foremost Expert on Instagram
  • Mari Smith, The “Queen of Facebook”
  • Wave Wyld, TikTok Marketing & 
Trends Expert

and more!


"Took away tons of tips on how to improve my newsletter!"

I recently found The Martech Podcast and am LOVING it so far! I especially loved the episode with ActiveCampaign. Casey gave me a ton of actionable items to make my newsletter better and how to actually use it to drive revenue. 5 stars!!

"Excellent podcast!"

If you want to learn more about the latest trends in marketing, listen to this podcast. It has great insights and offers great expertise.

"Must listen to challenge your current tech stack!"

If you’re not sure your tech stack is the made of the cream of the crop, this is the podcast to listen to! Each week, a Marketing technology vendor joins the hosts to do a deep dive on the tech they propose and the value it can create. Super insightful!


Mike AlltonHead of Strategic Partnerships, Agorapulse

Mike is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and partner brands. He has spent over a decade in digital marketing and brings an unparalleled level of experience and excitement to the fore, whether he’s delivering a presentation or leading a workshop.

headshot of Mike Allton

If you’re interested in joining The MarTech Show as a marketing technology solution, 
please reach out to showrunner Mike Allton at mike @ agorapulse . com.