New feature: Instagram Stories, GIPHY integration, Schedule as separate posts and more

May has been a busy month for the product development teams here at Agorapulse. We have been working hard to bring new improvements to the platform and we’re excited to share them with you below.

Publish Instagram Stories

Stories are one of three post types that Instagram provides to users. It’s an essential element for ensuring a significant presence and improving organic growth on the platform.

We’re happy to break the news: you can now seamlessly auto-publish Instagram Stories directly from Agorapulse’s Publishing Composer.

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New feature: Access and moderate specific threads in your Social Media Inbox

Managing various kinds of audience interactions is a task social media managers tackle daily. To make it easier to stay on top of comments and save time moderating posts, we’ve added a new feature to the Social Media Inbox.

Now, you can view comments by post, sorting them by date and post type. This way you can:

  • Assign moderation to specific threads to maintain context
  • Moderate individual posts with just a few clicks and increase productivity
  • Find your ad posts and monitor ad comments

Watch the short video below to learn more:


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Update: Easier scheduling, new Content report, and Fans & Followers UI improvement

Improved scheduling experience

To provide you with a seamless and efficient scheduling experience, we improved the post scheduler in the publishing composer.

This update enables users to effortlessly view the scheduled content and schedule on multiple social profiles, dates, and time zones.

Find out more about scheduling content with Agorapulse here.

New Content report in Social Media ROI

You can now have an in-depth report of the performance of your content from different social media platforms in one place.

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New feature: Schedule Twitter threads and first comments on Facebook and LinkedIn

Higher reach and engagement are two of the most important metrics to grow social media presence. Our new features help boost both!

You can now schedule and publish your first comments on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter threads using Agorapulse’s Publishing composer. Read more about how you can use these features right inside your Agorapulse platform.

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Integrations: Connect your Google Analytics 4 account to Agorapulse!

To help you measure and demonstrate the value of your social media efforts, last year we launched a solution that bridges the gap between social media data and website data: our Social Media ROI feature. Whether traffic, leads, or revenue, any website interaction can be traced back to content published through Agorapulse. The tool is integrated with Universal Analytics. 

Agorapulse now supports integration with Google Analytics 4.

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Update: Social Media Inbox UI Improvements

Our users said they wanted to enhance their productivity with the Social Inbox feature. Based on that feedback, we’ve made some UI improvements on thread moderation.

We’re excited to share these improvements to the Social Inbox: :

  • The Reply, Like, and Review buttons are now more prominent on the comment.
  • The “Delete” button is now on the top right part of the comment. This will make it easier and faster for you to delete any unwanted comments.
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Update: Discover the bulk publishing and queues features!

We know the struggle of managing multiple profiles across different accounts or having to post consistently to keep the profiles up-to-date.

Did you know with bulk publishing and queues, users can easily schedule 200 posts in one go with a few clicks, saving time and effort?

With the bulk publishing feature, you can easily bulk schedule many posts just by importing one CSV file.

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Update: Introducing the new Mobile Post Composer!

The revamp of the mobile composer is offering our users mobile productivity and has a smooth content creation on-the-go experience. Take a look below at the new UI & UX yourself!

What’s new on Mobile Composer V3?

  • New UI & UX
  • Multiple media selection
  • Preview carousel
  • Links detection and UTM tracking
  • User mentions

Media selection

You can now select multiple media (photo and video still separately),

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Update: Video thumbnails, inbox moderation rules, and exporting reports for TikTok


Thumbnails give users a glimpse of what your video is about and can become very effective to get more people to watch them. You can now pick a thumbnail when scheduling a video on TikTok! Choose among predefined ones shown under your video or scroll through the video and capture a frame as a thumbnail. Easy as that!


Get more productive managing your Inbox for TikTok!

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