Publish Facebook Stories, add media via Google Drive, set business hours for teams

New updates that will help you streamline your publishing and team management reporting. You can now publish Facebook Stories, import your media directly from Google Drive and set business hours for your teams for a more precise response time data. [...]

Introducing Advanced Listening: Monitor and discover conversations about your brand

Create actionable searches to find out what everyone’s saying about you—and your competitors. Monitor social networks and capture conversations across thousands of news websites and millions of blogs. [...]

Use Agorapulse API to create customized reports in your BI tool – Analytics Open API

We understand how important it is to integrate social media activity data into your analytics tools to make better decisions and save time and resources simultaneously. [...]

Introducing Facebook post boosting – directly through Agorapulse!

We're thrilled to announce a game-changing update to Agorapulse that's set to boost the way you manage your Facebook marketing. Say hello to our newest feature: Direct Facebook post boosting! [...]

Elevate your social media management with our Salesforce and HubSpot integrations

We're excited to unveil Agorapulse's CRM Integration with Salesforce and Hubspot, a vital feature that seamlessly connects your Social Inbox with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration offers new ways to engage with your social media audiences and manage relationships more effectively across your CRM. [...]

Publish Instagram collaborative posts 🤝

You can now create collaborative Instagram posts directly from Agorapulse. When creating your post, head over to the Instagram options and activate "Invite collaborators." [...]

Boost reach and engagement with our new Advocacy feature 📣

Looking for ways to amplify your messages on social media? We're thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our social media management platform—Advocacy! [...]

Inbox Search, AI analytics summary and Notification Center for mobile

Navigate your conversations easily with Inbox Search You can now search specific keywords and phrases in your inbox to interact with your followers, answer their questions, and help monitor consistency in brand messaging. Use inbox search to: Look for conversations with the same keyword to reply more quickly and accordingly. View how a team member [...]

Pinterest publishing is here!

Agorapulse is very excited to announce our integration and partnership with Pinterest. This was our users’ biggest request and we are happy to introduce this powerful network as a scheduling option. Users can now add Pinterest accounts to cross-post alongside their other social networks avoiding the need to manage Pinterest on its own. While building [...]

Add images and videos when bulk scheduling, updated Instagram report

Save more time in your scheduling workflow. You can now include images or links to your posts when bulk-scheduling your social media content. You can use images or videos hosted on a public server or other publicly accessible media hosting sources. Multiple image and video URLs can be added to create a carousel (separated by [...]