Looking for a
Hootsuite Alternative?

More than 31,000 social media managers and 3,000 agencies choose Agorapulse over Hootsuite at every stage of growth. But is it right for you? Dig into the proven data from G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius to see whether our easy-to-use social media management solution is the right choice to drive your social content forward.

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Looking for a Hootsuite Alternative?

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Bring order to
the chaos in your inbox

Tired of complicated dashboards and missing messages? Agorapulse’s intuitive dashboard makes getting information ridiculously easy. Schedule, publish, listen, report, and collaborate quickly and easily without skipping a beat—or missing the details.

You’re backed by
the #1 support
team in the industry

Agorapulse customers consistently rate our support team at a 96% user satisfaction score. So whether you’re “tech-challenged” or just need another set of eyes, we’re here to help you take control of your social media with an average support time of 30 minutes or less.

Quality of Support

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Grow your profit
margin, not your

Unlike Hootsuite, what you see is what you get with Agorapulse. Our plans are priced for growing teams without hidden costs as you scale.

Here’s how Hootsuite’s pricing compares

Pricing for Teams

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We’re always
improving our

Agorapulse is quicker than any other social media management platform to deliver customer requests we feel could improve everyone’s experience.

Plus, we’re constantly evolving and expanding our features to adapt to the newest social media trends and tools so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Product Direction (% positive)

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Easily collaborate
with your team

Say goodbye to workflow confusion and back-and-forth edit delays with role assignments and shared content calendars that allow clients and teammates to view all scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected content.

Plus, receive shared calendars for FREE with the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Campaign Optimization

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Do More With the #1 Social Media Management Solution

See why Agorapulse’s powerful all-in-one platform is a breath of
fresh air compared to other solutions.

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See How Agorapulse Outperforms
Competing Solutions Every Time

  • 1 Up-to-the-Minute Analytics and
  • 2 Advanced Monitoring &
  • 3 Easy Collaboration &
  • 4 Strategic Publishing &
  • 5 Time-Saving Bulk
  • 6 Visually-Pleasing Shared
    Calendar & Library
  • 7 Customizable Keywords &
    Social Listening
  • 8 Competitive
  • 9 Consistent Performance
    & Reliability
  • 10 The Best Value For Money
  • 11 Global

Agorapulse makes reporting so easy that you’ll never want to wrestle with Hootsuite’s overly complicated reporting process again.

With our super-clear, customizable reports and detailed social analytics, you’ll know the highs and lows of engagement on every platform, detect major trends in your social media activity, and even measure your team’s performance. Plus, you can automatically send your reports right to your inbox.

What people are saying about your brand matters–⁠and advanced monitoring and engagement capabilities allow you to connect with those who want to connect with you. Agorapulse’s monitoring capabilities consistently outrank other platforms with an 8.7 score, which means our platform is the best choice for brands that value consistent engagement with their audience.

With Agorapulse, you can prioritize fast and clear communication using inbox filters, saved replies, bulk actions, and real-time collaboration tools. Label, assign, and bookmark items, so everyone stays on top of content as it moves through your workflow. Plus, our color-coded calendar lets you know which content is in draft, assigned, or waiting approval.

Unlike other platforms, our tools help you get the most out of every piece of content. Organize, schedule, repost, queue, and publish content seamlessly at the best times to boost visibility, engagement, and lifespan of each post on all social networks.

Use our customizable reports to pre-plan and bulk post content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and YouTube at optimal times, so you can be everywhere, any time, without lifting a finger.

Track your content in one comprehensive—but never overwhelming—content calendar. Schedule and publish all from a user-friendly, eye-pleasing interface that lets you see everything, from what’s going live today to what’s coming up next.

We know it’s hard to be everywhere at once, so our keyword and topic searches help you stay current on trends, hashtags, influencers, and ambassadors in your online space without the “wild goose chase.”

What’s more, our tool helps you filter out what you don’t need to hear and lets you focus on the most critical conversations that move the needle for your particular business or clients.

Agorapulse outdoes Hootsuite in regards to Competitive Intelligence. When you need to know what your competitors are up to, you can count on our listening, monitoring, and reporting to give you the data you need to adjust your strategy.

The Internet never sleeps, and neither should your social media management solution. When you choose Agorapulse, you’re choosing the gold standard of performance and reliability.

Our mission is to deliver the best value while giving our individual users and teams more flexibility in their budgets.
Agorapulse offers a seamless user experience, great support, and reasonable pricing. And you can’t get all of that while subscribing to Hootsuite.

Since the beginning, Agorapulse continues to make sure its platform integrates well with other languages around the world.

See Why Hootsuite Users
Are Jumping Ship for Agorapulse

Jamie Mendelsohn - Lovepop
When we moved over to Agorapulse and we got to a point where we had an inbox that captured direct messages, it captured the listening, and we were able to pull in the ad comments in the same place, we could use it just like we would use any other inbox in our ticketing system.
Stoney Creek Social Media Agency
We manage over 150 accounts just on Agorapulse. [So, the tool we use] has to be user friendly for me and everyone that works with it. And it has to be [a tool] that I know that I can rely on and trust.
Drew Allen - Chief Content Strategist - Fracture
[Agorapulse] is really fantastic because it allows us to connect the marketing side of what we do with our customer support. We now use Agorapulse to easily assign support requests as soon as it comes in.
Reporting & Analytics
I actually can't say enough great things about the reporting with Agorapulse. I feel like that is my job security every month.

Rated Better Value Than Hootsuite

If you plan on growing your business or social media services, you may want to plan on Hootsuite alternatives. Here’s how Hootsuite’s rankings stack up to competitors.

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On G2, Agorapulse rates an 82 for the highest-rated social media suites, with Hootsuite ranking at 81.

The difference is seen in ease of use, results, and overall transparency.

See How We Compare
Leader Summer 2023 G2 badge of Agorapulse

Agorapulse Overall Rating


Even more reasons that users prefer Agorapulse over Hootsuite

Erin H.

Healthcare Staffing

While using other software, like Hootsuite, I would have to post each page if I wanted the copy to be different, but say with the same image. The Hootsuite platform lacked a lot of the customization that I desired and gave me little confidence. Read More

Vanessa L

PR and Customer Relations

Definitely monitoring. It’s very helpful to keep track of comments and mentions. It’s also much easier to understand but more organized than Hootsuite, for example.

Marc C

Digital Ops Manager

We evaluated (Agorapulse) as an alternative to or current software. It does everything that Hootsuite does and more, just in a far cleaner and focused manner. Additionally, downloadable reports come free of charge as part of your subscription and not an add-on. Read More

Ashleigh C

Social Media Maven

I was so skeptical to try, yet another, social media management program. I was prepared for another Hootsuite type letdown BUT I am so glad that I took a deep breath and talked myself into giving one more smm a try. There will be no more let downs, Agorapulse delivers exactly what they claim. Read More

Kerilyn L

SM Consultant

Solves the problem of being able to manage CRM on Facebook ad acquisitions that absolutely no other social media platform (like Hootsuite and Sprout Social) offers! Love the easy tags that I can create on the fly to follow CRM trends that need be shared with the Customer Support Team and Product Development Teams. Great for reporting and planning. Read More