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Agorapulse vs. Hootsuite

You’re on our page because you’re curious about Agorapulse – that’s great! While Hootsuite and Agorapulse are all-in-one social media management tools, we’d like to think we make social media management easier.

Let’s compare the features below. 

Agorapulse vs. Hootsuite

Product Features



Full-featured social inbox (filter by content type, automation rules) for all plans
More publishing options including queue categories and external shared calendars
Customer support average response time: 16 minutes
Affordable pricing for teams

The Agorapulse interface is easier to use – especially out of the gate.

Are you and your teammates struggling to make sense of finding conversations in an endless stream of columns? And columns upon columns that appear on tab after tab?

We don’t have column envy at Agorapulse. We have columnphobia. (That’s a word, right?)

Seriously though, we don’t think sifting through columns is a very effective way to do social. Enter the Agorapulse dashboard.

You don’t have to set up any columns because everything is already set up for each of your social profiles – publishing, listening, reporting, etc.

Our inbox does a lot more -- in less time.

We believe that your most important conversations should be in one location and easy to retrieve. That’s why we created our social media inbox.

The Inbox works a lot like email — allowing you to effectively work through all your important conversations in one clean stream.

Our inbox captures more conversations, such as:

  • Twitter replies
  • Facebook reviews
  • Facebook ad comments
  • Instagram ad comments
  • YouTube video comments

That’s in addition to

  • Facebook comments, wall posts, and private messages
  • Twitter mentions and direct messages
  • LinkedIn comments

That’s right — you don’t have to go to one place on the dashboard for, say Twitter replies and another place for your Twitter DMs.

While the inbox is full of different types of conversations, we’ve built features to have you easily go through your items to get to Inbox Zero.

The handy inbox assistant keeps your inbox clean. Set up moderation rules with your assistant to keep away spam like auto-direct messages or assign messages with particular words to a teammate.

Saved replies allow you to easily modify and send canned responses to common comments or commonly asked questions.

Unlike Hootsuite, the inbox assistant and saved replies are available for all our users.

Agorapulse’s smart social inbox is definitely much more organized. The complication with Hootsuite grows when you start adding more than two or three streams. It looks cluttered and you can have a hard time managing the series of tabs. Agorapulse is a life saver in this regards. You have an inbox for every channel and everything is properly organized here. One dashboard, one overview but very organized.

Pritha Bose Sprout24

We have more scheduling options.

No two social media strategies are alike, so with Agorapulse, we’ve made sure your scheduling options are super flexible.

You can use repeat scheduling and schedule multiple times for posts that need to go out on specific times and days.

Use the queue and queue categories to better organize and publish your evergreen content.

View all these queued and scheduled posts on your publishing calendar. This calendar will also show you all your published posts — whether they were sent natively on a social network, on Agorapulse, or via another third party tool.

We also offer a shared calendar option for you to get scheduled content feedback and approval from those not on your Agorapulse plan. Hootsuite doesn’t offer this feature. If you don’t add a person to your Hootsuite plan, you only have the option of downloading and manually emailing a static PDF to them for feedback.

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Our customer support is always there for you ― and gets higher ratings from users.

We all need support―whether you’re a new user learning a tool or a seasoned user who wants to know more about what a tool offers.

And we know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer an average response time of 16 minutes.

Don’t trust our numbers? Search for “support” on these review sites’ comparison pages and see what users say.

G2 Crowd


I know if something goes wrong, Agorapulse is always on hand to help us resolve the issue, not by an email ‘grab a number’ way, but to physically talk to. I feel that we are able to achieve more for our clients using this platform and I recommend it to anyone who will listen,

Andrea Morgan (former Hootsuite user)

Agorapulse is more affordable for large teams and agencies who value ROI.

You have enough on your minds as social media managers. Figuring out the real cost of your social media management tool shouldn’t be a task for you to consider. It should just be obvious.

We love the pricing tool over at Seriously Social and we did a calculation for a client who:

  • Manages 30 social media profiles
  • Has 4 team members who need access to the tool
  • Requires team workflow features

Here is how Agorapulse and Hootsuite meet the needs of this client:

Annual Price



Hootsuite Business


Try the pricing tool based on your needs here.

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Agorapulse is more than an alternative to Hootsuite.

Agorapulse is a great alternative not only to Hootsuite but to many other big social media management tools. Look how our average user rating compares on this Capterra grid.

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