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Social Media Tea

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What’s it like to run a meme account where social media managers submit their anonymous confessions of working in social media? TLDR: It’s eye-opening.

In June 2020, Alexa Heinrich was starting to realize the toll of working in social media, especially in a pandemic where people relied on social media more to connect with businesses and organizations. She decided to set up Sippin’ Social Tea, first as an Instagram so people working in the digital marketing world could anonymously vent about the increased demands of their jobs. It quickly grew a following and the attention of Austin Braun who realized Alexa was behind the account. They teamed up to manage the account together expanding to Twitter.

The account is dedicated to highlighting the realities of working in the industry – in the hopes that the people in the profession will be better respected, better treated, and better paid for the work they do. Alexa and Austin manage the accounts alongside their day social media day jobs.

As of today, their accounts have amassed over 35,000+ followers and over 1300+ anonymous confessions. And they haven’t even posted half of them yet.

Key Takeaways

  • The realities of working in social media and digital marketing.
  • The importance of Accessibility in social media.
  • How businesses and organizations can support the well-being of social media teams better.