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Easily Manage Multiple Instagram Profiles with Agorapulse

Agorapulse helps you optimize your efficiency and prove your ROI on Instagram. Here’s how.

Optimize Your Instagram Management

Publishing, inbox, listening, and reports for Instagram Business Profiles

Manage all your Instagram conversations from one simple inbox.

Centralized communication hub

Reply to all the comments on your organic and paid posts.

Community management options

Hide and delete comments manually or automatically with the Inbox Assistant.

Optimized reply features

Respond quickly with saved replies and “assign to” features.

Organize and quickly upload content.

Bulk upload options

Bulk upload a large number of posts from your desktop or RSS feeds.

Scheduling and queueing choices

Publish content immediately or send it to a queue timeslot.

Evergreen queue categories

Load your evergreen content into queue categories.

Post to your feed or Stories.

Direct publishing

Direct publish single image and video news feed posts.

Carousel and Story scheduling

Schedule Carousel posts and Stories via push notifications.

Push notification options

Choose a user to receive a post’s push notification.

Increase your reach and engagement by tagging your posts.

Username tagging

Tag users in single-image posts.

Location option

Add your location to video and single-image posts.

Hashtag management

Create, edit, and use groups of your best-performing hashtags.

Oversee your entire calendar at a glance.

Unified calendar

See content from multiple Instagram business profiles on one unified calendar.

Color-coded post types

Easily find scheduled, queued, and to-be-approved posts.

One-click insights

Grab insights on your organic and paid posts with a single click.

Listen to important Instagram conversations.

Hashtag monitoring

Create saved searches for key hashtags.

Public mention filter

Discover public posts that mention your username.

Content organizing features

Bookmark or label listening content for reference.

Our Customers Love Managing Instagram with Agorapulse

Kelsey Waara, Ergodyne

“Agorapulse allows us to listen to certain hashtags on Instagram. This was an incredibly manual process for us before. Now, it is almost effortless with Agorapulse.”

Track all your biggest fans (and detractors).

Automatic labels

Use our automatic labels to find out who engages with you most.

Customizable labels

Categorize your followers with customizable labels.

Conversational history

View conversations and internal notes of those who have interacted with your business profiles.

Report on your Instagram ROI.

Actionable insights

Track metrics on your audience, brand awareness, engagement, response time, hashtags used.

Customizable downloads

Sort and download post-level statistics on reach and engagement.

Stories reports

Gain valuable insights from Instagram Stories reports.

Monitor Instagram on the go.

Mobile App

Stay on top of your inbox, listening, publishing, and reports from your iOS or Android device.

Plus these features that make Instagram management easy:

Best day/time reports
Post preview
Custom video thumbnails

Try Managing Your Instagram Business Profiles with Agorapulse for Free.

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