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Manage all your incoming messages in one location

Capture every opportunity to engage across all your Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube profiles.

Our amazing inbox = easy message management

This is your go-to destination for building relationships on social media. Agorapulse combines all your conversations in one place for all your profiles so you can reply, review, assign, or label them. The inbox captures organic/paid post comments, mentions, direct/private messages, and reviews in chronological order.

An automated inbox assistant

Don’t let the volume of social messages overwhelm you. Set up automated moderation rules so that spam gets sent to its rightful place and questions get delegated to the right teammate.

Instant info on your fans and followers

Click on an item in your inbox and you’ll not only see the message or comment, but also the name and profile of the person who sent it. Custom labels enable you to categorize each user so you or your teammates can respond in context.

Facebook and Instagram ad comments management

Unlike some other tools you may have used, Agorapulse serves you all your static ad comments, in chronological order, so you can act quickly and efficiently. That’s because Agorapulse syncs with Facebook’s Marketing API and Graph API so static ad comments are in sync 100% of the time. (Not all tools take the time to do this.)

Tools to clear your inbox

Make use of inbox filters, saved replies, bulk actions, one-click translations, and team assignments to breeze through all your inbox items. If you have a lot of comments and messages, or are in customer support, you’ll love how easily you can can shout, “DONE!”

Work on your inbox as a team

Our real-time collaboration tool allows you to instantaneously see which teammates are taking care of business in your inboxes. Label, assign, and bookmark items so that your whole team can easily manage inbox activities. Add internal notes to conversations and user profiles to share collective knowledge with your team.

Manage your inbox on the go

Our mobile app allows you to review and respond to your inbox items on your Android or iOS device.

More features to reach inbox zero

Filter by content type
Real-time collaboration
Ad comments
Filter by internal action
Reply in PM/DM
Review all
Saved replies
Private messages
Auto-advance inbox option
One-click translation of inbox items
Direct messages
Automated moderation rules
Emoji picker
Assign items to teammates
Add internal notes
Bulk assign and bulk label

Brian Fagan, Chatbooks (Formerly Freshly Picked -- also a customer)

Cuts Down Hours

We’ve cut down the hours we work as a team by 3 hours each day. We are no longer missing powerful interactions with customers, and we are able to answer every question and monitor who comments.

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