Ad Comments Management Made Easy

Don’t let negative comments ruin your Facebook or Instagram ad campaign! Use a tool to easily hide or delete the comments that devalue your social ads.

Agorapulse’s main features

Never Miss a Crucial Comment Again

There is value in addressing positive comments — namely, growing opportunities and providing great customer service. And how “social” will your brand look if you don’t respond to those who took the time to write something nice to you?

Hide The Comments You Don’t Want to See

Have challenging or annoying comments? Don’t delete ‘em! Use Agorapulse to temporarily hide the comments until you’re ready to reply. Take the time you need to craft a reply that stays true to your brand and sends trolls looking for their next target.

Manage Comments On The Go

There’s no telling when you’ll get new comments on your ads. Our mobile app for iPhone and Android allows you to easily review and respond to comments when you’re away from your desk.

Manage Your Ads as a Team

Do you have a team member who will provide the perfect response to a particular ad comment? Simply send that comment to your teammate with our easy “assign” function.

Never Miss A Comment on a Static Ad Ever Again

Managing comments on static ads is a highly technical thing. We’ve spent months of R&D to build a unique synchronization engine for static Facebook and Instagram ads that leverages both the Ads API and the Graph API to guarantee we won’t miss any comment on any of your static ads, whether you have 10 of them or 10,000 of them.

Jamie Mendelsohn - Director of Customer Happiness, lovepop
Lovepop Cards struggled with managing ad comments. Now with Agorapulse, Lovepop’s centralized inbox helps it “create magical moments.”And replying to ads is sweet and simple.

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