Discover What People Are Really Saying about Your Business

Monitor your social media conversations and gain deeper insights into how your customers think and speak about your brand.


Your Fans Talk. Now You Can Hear Them.

Monitor your fans’ hearts and minds. Pick up on trends, hashtag uses, and key influencers and ambassadors.

Dive into social chatter from Day One.

Smart marketers know that listening is just as important as talking on social. From the moment you sign up with Agorapulse, right out of the box, you’ll be able to monitor your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We do the leg work — you just need your eyes and ears.

Easily find opportunities to build relationships.

The key to killer content is learning more about your audience’s affinities. Find out when public accounts name check you on Facebook. Hunt down posts with particular hashtags or search terms on Twitter. Find images that come from your favorite hashtags or locations on Instagram — great for finding user generated content!

Stop trolls and other nasties in their tracks.

Don’t become famous for a social media disaster. Use our monitoring features to easily spot angry customers or clients and provide good customer service before their smoke signals become an uncontrollable fire.

Find your brand’s most passionate ambassadors.

Identify and engage with those who have been speaking about your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These key influencers and ambassadors can help you tap into new audiences and seed your best content!

Tag important content for easier retrieval.

Get a real handle on the conversation. Organize your content strategy by tagging items like important posts, competitor activity, customer feedback, or say, “cookiefans” for easy retrieval and response.

Make sure your whole team is listening along.

See how your team has responded, and assign key posts to the best teammate to follow up. Manage your organization’s response times to enforce the importance of listening well and often!

Your Fans Talk. Now You Can Hear Them. Today.
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