Identify Opportunities

See who’s talking about you and find prospects for your business

Track shares and mentions on Facebook

  • Track every single post that’s been shared from your Facebook Page
  • Find out when a user or a fanpage mentions your Facebook page
  • Categorize (tag, flag & assign) new monitored elements

Listen for the keywords that matter on Twitter

  • Create customized searches for keywords relative to your business
  • Identify users who retweet your content the most
  • Find brand ambassadors, user who share links to your website
  • Search in your preferred language

Monitor hashtags and places on Instagram

Hotels, restaurants, gyms, museums, historical landmarks… everyone derives value from Social Media Monitoring Tools:

  • Find user generated content by tracking your brand’s hashtags
  • Use popular Instagram hashtags to find potential new clients
  • Identify & engage with your brand’s ambassadors by tracking media location
And more !

Custom tags to categorize and easily find content later

Collaborate as a team and never miss monitored content

Retweet what you’ve discovered while monitoring Twitter

Identify opportunities, monitor keywords on Twitter or/and locations on Instagram.