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Listen without overload

Monitoring with Agorapulse allows you to be alerted to trends, hashtags, and key influencers and ambassadors — but without the clutter of newsfeeds and streams of irrelevant content.

Monitor your brand right away

Right out of the box, we’ll set you up with brand-related search results to get you listening to relevant conversations.

Find the content you want by setting parameters

Further refine your YouTube and Twitter searches by telling us words NOT to include in your saved searches. Boolean operators allow you to hone in on only what you want to listen to. Get even more specific by adding location and/or language parameters to your Twitter searches.

Label important content

Organize your content strategy by labelling items like important posts, competitor activity, customer feedback, or say, “XYZ” for easy retrieval and response.

Unlimited saved searches

We think you’ll like how easy it is to discover great conversations with Agorapulse. Unlike some tools you may use, we let you uncover user generated content, connect with influencers, and provide customer service with as many saved searches as your brand needs.

Take action on what you hear

Want to immediately respond to what appears in your monitoring feed? On most networks, click on a monitoring item and like, retweet, reply, or reply in DM/PM. You can also label, bookmark, and assign any monitoring item to a teammate or client so that they can act accordingly.

Listen to chatter on the go

Our mobile app allows you to review and respond to your monitored items on your Android or iOS device.

More features for focused listening searches

Facebook: public mentions of your page
Twitter: username, URLs, search terms
Instagram: username, hashtags
YouTube: username, keywords
Content and user labelling
Bookmark content
Assign content to a teammate

Nikki Barron, Mastin Labs

We’re Frustration Free
“Agorapulse makes community listening and management frustration free. Thanks to Agorapulse we can manage our community more efficiently which empowers us to offer a higher level of service through social media.”

Start Your Focused Listening Searches Today

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