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Create custom templates with the metrics that have the most value for your strategy, save them, and get your reports ready in one click—whenever you need them.

Multichannel </br> Reporting </br> Made <span>Simple</span>

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Say goodbye to the other reporting tools

You can select from 5 different types of available reports.

Select up to 10 profiles to include in your report.

Select the sections to add to your report.

Define your custom report settings.

Build a data-driven social media strategy

Combine and analyze data from across different profiles and stop guessing at what’s working. Set yourself apart from the competition, and impress your clients with custom branded reports and periodic automated email updates.

Analyze campaigns with more sources of uncovered data

Organize your content with custom labels to track the performance of your campaigns and provide your clients with unique insights into your strategy. Share even deeper insights by selecting custom comparison dates for your reports.

Build stronger
relationships with
clients—in less time

Inform your clients on your strategy, prove ROI, and strengthen your relationship all by using automated report updates. Create and save unlimited versions of your reports to track all the data that matters.

Agorapulse makes generating reports easy and understandable. We love the analytics features it offers. And it's considerably less expensive than Sprout Social.
Agorapulse is the best!

Chuck Ellis, G2 User

Chuck Ellis, G2 User

Social media reporting that fits your strategy

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