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Looking for a good Sendible alternative?

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You’re on our page because you’re curious about Agorapulse – cool! Why don’t we start with a Agorapulse v. Sendible comparison of our features and pricing. 


Here we go!

1. Agorapulse is truly an all-in-one solution.

Say goodbye to add-on anxiety or fumbling with “services.” Our solution includes publishing, replying, listening, reporting, and CRM capabilities (plus much more) in every plan we offer.

Unlike Sendible, we don’t think you should have to pick and choose among your most important social media management functions. You’ll have publishing, replying, reporting, monitoring, and user management all in one place for one affordable price. 

Our Inbox Assistant even allows you to set up moderation rules to make your social media management even easier. 

With our moderation rules, you can:

  • Auto-assign comments to the appropriate team member
  • Auto-label or bookmark comments associated with a campaign
  • Auto-hide or delete comments that may ruin your reputation 
  • Auto-hide spam links or annoying auto-direct messages

inbox assistant spam

This makes you even more focused on breezing through your messages and hitting Inbox Zero.

Dustin Stolberg

Agorapulse allows us to automatically moderate comments on our ads with features like flagging certain keywords for fast response and auto-hiding profanity & troll comments. Additionally, it is a much faster option to manage review of customer questions and comments than what is provided by Facebook. We highly recommend it!

2. We offer scheduling options that will blow you away.

While Sendible has most of the checkbox items you’d expect from a social media publishing tool, we decided to take publishing to the next level.

Our scheduling allows you to pick dates and times to publish your content. But we don’t stop there. We also give you options to continue scheduling that same content according to the time intervals and frequency you need.

republish content options

If you’re more of a queuer than a scheduler, we have great options to repeat your evergreen content. Keep that great content going, 2, 3, 4, 10, 20 times — or heck, keep it going until you tell it to stop!

Whether you take a queue or schedule approach — or both! — take advantage of our preview mode to see exactly how your post will look before it’s sent out in the wild.

Want to bulk upload? We provide a much more user-friendly solution.

You can set your items to schedule or queue on repeat. And you can take it easy when you format your CSV. We won’t reject your content because your columns are “out of order.” Our mapping feature helps the both of us decide how best to display your content.

bulk upload options

Sadly, Sendible doesn’t these scheduling must-haves.

And … we have Queue Categories.

queue categories example

Whether you schedule your posts one-by-one or via bulk upload, you can make sure your social media content stays organized and evenly distributed by assigning categories to your queue calendar.

See our Queue Categories in action here.

Vincent Wiskowski

Requeueing has helped us get more out of each post and ensure our followers are always coming across our best content. Agorapulse has really made our job much easier and our social accounts much better!

3. Our unlimited reports will tell you how your posts are doing.

If you are a good social media manager, you have data to prove your worth on social.

That’s why we include reporting for all of our customers.

Our unlimited, downloadable reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn come with every subscription. Our reports are available on the Web and as customizable PowerPoint slides. In addition, you can download your Content Reports via CSV so that you can view your breakdown of engagement on each post.

best day social report


David Trott

Agorapulse has completely transformed our work with social media clients. Without a doubt, its built-in reports are the best on the market. Our clients often mention how detailed, clear, and comprehensive they are. Highly recommended!

Let's Review

We gave you a lot of things to think about, no? Here is a rundown of what I’ve mentioned so far, in addition to a couple other goodies like unlimited saved searches of keywords and locations.




All-in-one social media management solution 



Inbox Assistant to clear your social inbox



Flexible post scheduling options (inc. custom increments and post preview)



Queue Categories



Unlimited analytics to track your progress



Unlimited saved searches



Don’t just take our word for it. See how our user reviews compare with Sendible’s user reviews on TrustRadius and other software review sites.

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