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Podcast: Are Instagram Carousels worth the Effort?

September 13, 2017 • By

Scott Ayres

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Do Instagram Carousels Raise Engagement?

Instagram Carousels is a feature Instagram released in early 2017 allowing users to upload a combination of 10 photos or videos to the app instead of just 1.

Many believe that by posting an Instagram Carousels you’ll increase curiosity of users and get them to swipe through the images, Like them more, comment more, etc.

If they do that then your account is more likely to show up for users according to Instagram’s algorithm.


Instagram Carousels Hypothesis

In This Episode

  • What are Instagram Carousels?
  • How we’ll test and find data on Instagram Carousels
  • Details of the data found from the study
  • Our conclusion based on the data

Quotes From This Episode

Instagram Carousels are going against the grain of what people are used to doing on Instagram (swiping left-right instead of up-down)- Lisa Kalner Williams

“According to Instagram’s algorithm the more people engage with your content the more likely other people will see your content” – Richard Beeson


What Is The Social Media Lab?

The Social Media Lab is a project powered by Agorapulse dedicated to spending $15,000 per month to bust the myths, rumors and stories related to social media marketing.

We’ll test mainly organic reach, but also will run paid experiments.

The experiments are conducted by myself, Scott Ayres, and Jason How.

We typically publish 1 blog post and podcast per week.

The podcast is co-hosted by Richard Beeson and myself.

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