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Podcast: Let’s Find Out if Evergreen Content on Twitter is Dead?

March 14, 2018 • By

Scott Ayres

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Full Episode Details:

Evergreen Content on Twitter: Dead or Thriving??

There are some that claim evergreen content is no longer useful on social media — regardless of the site you post it on.

We’ve ran a study on evergreen content on Facebook, with interesting yet positive results.

But what about Twitter? Is evergreen content still a thing there?

We’ll discuss that in today’s podcast!

Our Hypothesis:

evergreen tweet conclusion

In This Episode:

  • Definition of evergreen content from various sources
  • Opinions from thought leaders about evergreen content
  • How we setup our study
  • What the data says about evergreen content on Twitter
  • Our conclusion based on the data

Quotes From the Episode:

“Grow Bigger Ears.. That’s to my recollection the 1st piece of evergreen content I ever knew about (by Chris Brogan).” – Lisa Kalner Williams

“On one hand we have Michael Stelzner saying evergreen content is dead, but on the other hand we found with Jeff Bullas that evergreen content is super successful for him.” – Richard Beeson



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