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Podcast: Is Twitter Promote a Waste of $99??

August 1, 2018 • By

Scott Ayres

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Is Twitter Promote a Waste of $99??

As a marketer you’re always looking for an edge on the competition, so anytime one of the major social platforms offers up an easy to use ad system you want to jump on it.

Twitter launched “Twitter Promote” in late 2017 and it sells itself as an easy to use and “done for you” system.

But is it worth the $99 per month ad spend?

Here’s our hypothesis:

twitter promote hypothesis

In This Episode:

  • Just what is Twitter Promote?
  • What others think about Twitter Promote
  • How we tested
  • Results of Twitter Promote test
  • Final Conclusion on Twitter Promote

Quotes From This Episode:

“Well that was a dud!” – Richard Beeson

“It may not be the worse use of money for new Twitter followers.” – Scott Ayres


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