Prosecco. That’s now the official Social Media Day adult beverage.

You see, in the U.S. at least, we enjoy celebrating holidays and cultural events with the appropriate adult beverage. Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day. Budweiser for, well, many others.

So Social Media Day needs a drink that we can all toast and imbibe together, across all of the celebrating venues. And that’s now Prosecco.

With that understood, perhaps it’s time to talk about what Social Media Day is, exactly, and why we’re raising a glass.

Back in 2010, the digital publisher Mashable decided that it would nice to recognize the impact that social media has had on how we communicate. Through the various social platforms, we’re able to connect with friends, make new friends, facilitate business, and grow our networks on a global scale.

Social media has revolutionized how we talk to each other around the world. That seems deserving of a day of recognition, doesn’t it?

June 30, 2022, is 13th celebration of Social Media Day. Which sounds nice—but what does one actually do (besides drink Prosecco) to mark the occasion?

How to Celebrate Social Media Day

After you’ve poured yourself a glass (and mind you, Prosecco is not to be confused with Asti or Cava or Champagne … Those are all quite different), it’s time to explore your additional celebratory options.

First and foremost, because Social Media Day is for social media, it’s definitely a day for being, well, social! Many agencies and influencers will post Happy Social Media Day graphics and messages as they would any other holiday.

You should feel free to do likewise. Grab the following graphics from us for sharing, if you wish. (You can find them at the end of this post.)

If you don’t use our supplied images, just be sure to use your own graphics or copyright-free photographs. We want to set a good example, don’t we?

I would also encourage you to go a step further with your activities.

Activities for Social Media Day 2022

What are some of your favorite social media activities (besides lurking)? You might:

  • Join in some Group conversations.
  • Participate in a Tweet Chat.
  • Host or guest on a Facebook/Instagram/ YouTube Live Video.
  • Share some quotes or content from your favorite social media educators.
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #SMDay or one specific to your event.

Spending a little extra time on Social Media Day engaging with other people, particularly social media professionals, will be both fun and fulfilling.

And if you take the time to map out what you’re going to do in your social media planner, that will leave more time during the special day to enjoy and engage!

header image for conquer social media inbox

Social Media Day Events

Throughout the land, organizers have taken the time to create real-time events where social media professionals of every ilk can celebrate the medium that has fueled their passion and business. Due to the pandemic, however, many this year have switched to an online format and have shifted their dates to be more

Whether it’s dubbed Social Media Day or Social Media Week, whether it takes place on or near June 30, these events are opportunities to create and strengthen relationships, and nothing speaks more to the heart of what social media does for the world than that.

Social Media Day 2022 LIVE with Agorapulse

Social Media Day 2022 LIVE

Social Media Day 2022 LIVE is coming up, and Agorapulse is hosting the show, from around the world!

This is a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in social media, content marketing, or agency education.

You’ll hear from social media experts about the latest trends, get tips on content marketing, learn about agency education, and discover what’s new with Agorapulse.

Tune in on Thursday, June 30th, from 8 am to 12 pm ET to catch the show.

  • Paris, France – 2pm – 3pm CEST (8am EDT)
  • Berlin, Germany – 3pm – 4pm CEST (9am EDT)
  • London, England – 3pm – 4pm GMT (10am EDT)
  • New York, United States – 11am – 12pm EDT

RSVP now, and don’t miss out!

This year, we also have the immense pleasure of being able to participate in multiple events, including Social Media Day Philadelphia, Social Media Day Wichita, Social Media Day San Diego and Social Media Week Lima, and are supporting other Social Media Day events around the world.

Where Else Can You Attend Social Media Day Events?

All over! Virtually any town or city that has a social media club or marketing organization is scheduling at least a meetup, if not a full-blown conference (though due to the pandemic and lockdowns, many events transitioned to virtual and so in-person events this year are fewer than in past years).

Here are just a few that I found:

If you’re within driving distance (or an inexpensive flight), by all means, consider one of these amazing events. There’s no better way to celebrate Social Media Day than among your peers and colleagues. Just check to see whether their date or format has changed for 2022.

If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home, Google your town or closest city. They may already be doing something!

Failing that, why not kick off a celebratory event of your own! Create your own Facebook Event or Meet-up and invite the social media pros in your area to connect for a drink. And if there really aren’t other folks near that you know, hop on a Facebook Live with your best remote mate and raise a glass together.

Grab a Social Media Day Graphic!

social media day


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Originally published June 5, 2018, and syndicated with permission.

How to Celebrate Social Media Day 2022