If you’ve spent any time in a digital agency, around a digital agency, or sat in a cafe within two square miles of a digital agency you have probably overheard someone talking about the “Agile methodology.” Most likely while sipping an almond-milk cold-brew. 

While the term gets thrown around in a buzzy, jargony kind of way — usually as a feather in the cap of project managers who have been certified to spearhead Agile leadership or act as Scrum Masters — there’s a good reason this approach to digital collaboration gets mentioned so much:

It works

It saves agencies from wasting hundreds of hours in skilled resources on pointless downtime.

Keeping up the pace in an Agile social environment

We spoke to one such agile agency about how they integrated Agorapulse into their practices in order to shape-up their social workloads so they could be managed with the same level of agility as their other practices.

UK based My Social Agency, despite the name, offers much more than just social media services. Though, increasingly, they were asked to do a lot of just that by their clients.

From a top-down view, they are a full-service digital marketing agency who undertake projects using their unique mix of the Agile and Scrum methodologies. They have a simple overall mission statement: to push the boundaries of digital to deliver exceptional financial results for their clients.

Alex Humphries, Marketing Manager for My Social Agency, spoke to us about changes within their client base that led them to review a new social management tool.

“Before starting to use Agorapulse, we actually weren’t using a social media management tool at all! We had looked at a few but couldn’t justify the spend.”

Working in an Agile way meant that they could achieve great results for their clients with a very small, but experienced, team. In the agency there are four who primarily deal with social media, and one of whom  specializes more in the advertising side.

Despite their rapid and effective campaign work, they were being slowed down by incessant switching between different social profiles. They had to deploy the social assets they had collaboratively produced one by one.

“When we started taking on an increasing number of clients who wanted social media services, we knew we had to invest in a platform which would allow us to manage each account easily, in order to increase efficiency within the business and keep up with our project sprint deadlines.”

Agorapulse enables “Agile” social management

It was essential that a social management tool allowed the team at My Social Agency to handle everything quickly and affordably. Alex put in considerable research before sprinting into a new partnership.

“We knew about the more ‘mainstream’ social media management platforms, but a simple Google search presented us with a number of different options. There were a number of reasons why we ultimately chose Agorapulse. One of the main ones being the cost. We found that the platform is incredibly good value for money, as it does exactly the same, if not more, than the better-known platforms, but for a cheaper price.”

Agorapulse fit with their adaptive model. As their team grew and as they expanded their client base, it was very attractive to have a platform unrestricted by the number of users allowed.

“As an Agile agency, the ability to purchase additional users and profiles for a relatively low cost is absolutely essential to us.

Agorapulse has also made us much more efficient. By using the platform, not only are we able to view and manage each individual profile in one place, but we’re also able to bulk upload posts and select the profiles and channels which we want to publish on. This saves us hours during each sprint.”

Built to do more with less

Time saved is money saved. This agency turned the time previously wasted on tab-switching and manual uploading into increased profits and better client results.

It’s no mystery why Agorapulse works so well with the Agile methodology– it was built on the principals of doing more with less.

Alex laid it out for us in no uncertain terms:

“In terms of cost, if we had a like-for-like package with another social media management tool, then we would be spending over two and a half times the amount which we pay for Agorapulse. This is saving the business several hundred pounds a month. Thousands across the year.”

With results like that, it might be worth us chewing off someone’s ear in an elevator too.