Social Reporting Metrics That Really Matter

Measure your success with unlimited reports, downloadable in a single click.

Your Social Media Reports Done in the Time It Took You to Read This Headline.

Don’t waste precious working hours on reporting. With Agorapulse’s instant reports, you can dedicate that time to better things.

Revel in unlimited access to one-click reporting.

Highlight the ROI to your clients instantly with unlimited report generation. View in your browser with a single click or export to PowerPoint and white-label yourself.

Watch the evolution of your key metrics.

Your social strategy relies on watching the peaks and valleys of your social media activity over time. Our reports make it easy to see which metrics have have gone up or down in any given period.

Dig beyond Likes.

Get deeper analytics and insights on your audience, engagement, and brand awareness. Discover how your hashtags and content tags are faring.

Inform your content strategy.

Hunting for the best times to send your posts and tweets? We got that for you — totally individualized based on your content’s past performance. Need to tell the boss which content is performing best? No problem. Use our easy-to-sort columns to get your engagement stats fast.

Audit your customer service.

When minutes matter, and customers are waiting for an answer, time matters. Manage and monitor response time to ensure no one is ever kept waiting.

Peek into your competition.

Our Facebook Competitors report shows how you’re tracking against the other guys and gals, benchmark key metrics, and monitor for any unusual activity that you should know about! Measure the results of competitor campaigns to inform your own strategy.

Your Reporting Done In The Time It Took To Read This Headline.
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