Social Media Management Optimized for Team Collaboration

Finally a tool made for agencies and large teams! We make it easy for you to work across multiple social channels in sync.

Social Media Management in Multiplayer Mode.

Flexible and real-time collaboration with team members in different roles across your business, outside agencies, or with your social clients. Execute a game plan and make social management a team sport!

Collaborate in real time.

From the moment you log on, see which of your teammates or clients is reviewing and creating content. Yes, that’s real-time teamwork even if you’re miles apart.

Give everyone a part to play by assigning roles.

Define roles for all your users so that you will never have to endure a client or well-meaning colleague posting pixelated Grumpy Cat memes to your pages.

See exactly who has done what, when.

Get the full story on your social page activity. With a simple hover over, see which of your teammates have seen a post and any action they performed. It’s not spying — it’s knowing what’s what.

Go with the flow of your content approval process.

Your publishing calendar will give you color-coded guidance as to what content has been assigned to you, put in draft mode, or has been approved.

Easily delegate, communicate, and collaborate.

If you’re staring at an inbox or monitored item and don’t know how to respond, assign it with a custom note to a teammate or client with better skills to answer. Spot a bit of good news on Twitter? Share the happiness with your colleague.

Gamify your customer service.

View and download your scorecard of how well your teammates are reviewing and responding to messages on your social accounts. If it looks good, it’s a nice data point to share with clients. If not, you have the stats to get your team up to speed — literally.

Social Media Management in Multiplayer Mode.
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