A Dashboard Built for Team Collaboration and Visibility

Finally — a tool made for agencies and large teams! Our features make it easy for you to see how your team is working together and as individuals.

Learn who’s in the app right now

From the moment you log on, see which of your teammates or clients is reviewing and responding to inbox and monitored items.

Assign roles to clarify social media tasks

Define user roles for each of your teammates. Give some users permission to create drafts and other users permission to push those drafts live.

See exactly who has done what, when

Click on any inbox item to see which of your teammates have taken action on it.

Gain visual insight into your team’s content approval process

Your publishing calendar will give you color-coded guidance on which content has been put in draft mode, assigned to you, or is awaiting approval from others.

Easily delegate incoming items

If you’re staring at an inbox or monitored item and don’t know how to respond, assign it with a custom note to a teammate or client with better skills to answer. Click on the item to follow the workflow.

Share and discover team notes

Add internal notes to conversations and discuss customer questions behind the scenes with teammates before replying. On the Fans & Followers tab, share custom notes about a particular user of your social media audience.

Download reports of team activity

Our community management report tells you how many inbox items teammates have dealt with and how quickly they’ve handled them.

More features for social media collaboration

Content approval workflow
Note fields for inbox msg and user profiles
Real-time user avatar visibility
Record on team activity on each inbox item
Response time reports
Role assignment for each team user

Brittany Luiz, Tombow USA

Improved Our Workflow

“Agorapulse has helped us manage our growing social media footprint by improving workflows while still allowing us to achieve one-to-one communication with our audience.”

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