A Business Built on the Pulse of Social Media

In a land before Facebook timelines, two French tech-cowboys were brought together by fate in New York blazing trails during the internet’s Wild West period. Perhaps that’s a little overly dramatic, but that’s pretty much how our social media management one-stop-shop Agorapulse eventually came to be.


Through a chance connection, Agorapulse founders Emeric Ernoult and Ben Hediard met in New York, 1993. Ben’s twin brother was doing the same internship as Emeric, slinging copies at a print shop. The two got along famously but their paths diverted there.


Ben veered off to India but in ’97 ended up back in the U.S. The universe conspired that Emeric and Ben would meet again in New York years after their first encounter, during the great web boom of the late 90s. There was a complementary connection there that sparked something off.


By the early 2000s, Emeric and Ben came to market with a revolutionary idea: a place where businesses could get social with their customers online. A place for brands to share media. A brand new “Community Platform”! Yep, so “Social Media” wasn’t really a thing in Y2K. Go figure.

Affinitiz, as it came to be named, was a bit too early for the social media boom, and a bit too late for the web boom. As such, it didn’t do so well. Not deterred, the duo were driven by their passion to pioneer, build and conceptualize what the future of the internet looked like. They stuck it out and Emeric even quit his high-paying job at a law firm to pursue the glamourous life of a starving, but fulfilled, entrepreneur.


By 2008, a snot-nosed upstart called Facebook was sucking away users wholesale from MySpace. Marketing managers at big brands put down their Blackberries long enough to take notice. This whole ‘social media’ thing wasn’t going away. Emeric and Ben saw where it was heading, and with their technical prowess and business acumen began to engineer some of the first Facebook marketing apps.

Developed directly for Facebook’s API, they allowed iconic brands such as McDonald’s, Playstation and Microsoft the ability to run contest and promotions contests and use marketing tools outside of Facebook’s native offering.


By late 2011, Agorapulse Version 1.0 was released, blowing open potential for every Facebook marketer to build a social CRM, qualifying and understanding their fans for the very first time. But they didn’t stop there. Neither did the others.


By 2014, it was crucial to be multi-platform for most brands – Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram were integrated for Agorapulse customers to manage in one place. We were no longer simply a Facebook marketing platform. We became a complete and robust social media management arsenal.


As social media matures, evolves and grows, we have become a real-time collaboration and social listening mission-control for even the largest teams to fully own and grow their brand online. For smaller businesses, we offer a place to benchmark your competitors, reach Inbox Zero, manage every post or comment as they occur, and gain fans and database via our game-changing social CRM.

In 2017, we integrated YouTube and expanded our extensive reporting tools in order to give marketers and brands the metrics that matter, proving real social ROI at the click of a button. Agorapulse is a global team, expanding across eleven countries. Remaining completely independent and self-funded, we speak a bunch of different languages, work across widely different disciplines, always with one goal in mind: Aiming for excellence.

We continue to drive our offering through three core values:

  • Ease of Use: Product that is intuitive, where jobs can get done in minimal clicks
  • Enjoyment: User experience that is pleasurable, satisfying and delightful
  • Value: Functionality to help our customers create a profound connection with their prospects, partners and customers

We are excited to help you stay firmly on the pulse of this social landscape for your industry, your team and your brand.

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