Geoffroy Robin

Geoffroy Robin

Geoffroy Robin

Our Guest

Currently Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Livescale, Geoffroy Robin is an entrepreneur, innovation enthusiast and passionate voice for emerging technologies. 

Having honed his deep expertise in the media and digital ecosystem for over 20 years, he’s played integral roles in the launch of several successful companies, including Meetic (, the leader in Europe’s online dating landscape. Once again following the most unique and innovative technologies, Geoffroy’s aim is to empower brands in their journey to e-Commerce and marketing greatness, markedly with Livescale’s pioneering Live Shopping solution.

Key Takeaways

Now listen, we all know how powerful video is for reaching and engaging new audiences, and we all know how effective influencer marketing can be for transferring trust. So it makes sense that integrating influencers into your video – specifically, live shoppable video – should be a successful and lucrative tactic for businesses.

But wait. How are we supposed to produce live shopping videos? And how do we find influencers who can handle this new medium? Is this really a good idea?

That’s exactly what our guest today, Geoffroy Robin, is going to talk to us about.

Geoff is the Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Livescale, one of the top live shopping platforms in the world. Livescale makes Live Streaming Shopping possible for retailers and influencers, and it’s used by big brands like L’Oréal and Lancôme.

He’s spent over twenty years in the digital ecosystem as an entrepreneur, innovation enthusiast, and a passionate voice for emerging technologies, and he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to live shopping and the utilization of influencers.

So you know I’ve got a ton of questions for him, so let’s get started.

Partnership Unpacked host Mike Allton talked to Geoff about:

♉️ How Live Shopping has evolved for influencers and brands alike.

♉️ How brands can track ROI from influencers and live shopping events.

♉️ Where brands are getting influencer marketing right… and wrong!

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