Dr. Mark Brigman

Dr. Mark Brigman

Dr. Mark Brigman

Our Guest

Mark is an expert at architecting partnerships that result in a competitive advantage. Throughout his career he led hundreds of global multi-million dollar partnerships touching nearly every industry. He authored PARTNERNOMICS, which introduced the Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) as the culmination of his 20+ years of experience in forging industry-leading partnerships. Mark earned a Masters in Economics and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

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Key Takeaways

According to a CMO Council report, 85% of C-level business leaders view partnerships and alliances as essential or important to their business, but only 33% report having a formal partnering strategy in place.

That’s astounding!

If you’re anything like me, you want to be among that top 33% who are leveraging partners and delivering positive ROI, and that’s why I am starting this new interview series with a bang. I’m talking to one of the leading experts on strategic partnerships, Dr. Mark Brigman, author of PARTNERNOMICS, and he’s going to be sharing with us his Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ and more.