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Lee Odden

Lee Odden

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Lee Odden is a B2B marketing evangelist, author, global speaker, and co-founder of TopRank Marketing. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Forbes, Lee has presented in 19 different countries and blogged over 1.4 million words on marketing topics. 

When not working with his team to deliver world class B2B content, SEO and influencer marketing solutions, Lee can be found running, in the gym or eating. Especially ice cream.

Key Takeaways

Listen, as B2B CMOs and marketing executives, we have a real challenge facing us. A few years ago at a conference it was said that, “Empathy with customer needs and understanding the questions they have during the journey from awareness to purchase is essential for creating valuable content. Content Marketing must not only inform, but also engage and even entertain to create valuable experiences between customers and brand information.

How are we supposed to empathize, understand, inform, engage AND entertain?

That’s what influencers excel at, and that’s why Lee Odden, who made that statement, is here to help us.

In 2001, Lee co-founded the TopRank Marketing agency which has become the top B2B marketing resource, regularly ranking as one of the most influential marketing blogs on the web by Content Marketing Institute, Ad Age, and more.

On top of leading influencer marketing campaigns for major brands like LinkedIn, Lee is an incredible B2B influencer himself and someone I’ve admired for years as a global speaker, prolific blogger, and author of the book, “Optimize.” He is, without a doubt, one of the foremost experts on B2B influencer marketing, and you know I couldn’t wait to pick his brain.

Partnership Unpacked host Mike Allton talked to Lee Odden about:

♉️ Why influencer marketing is such a game changer for B2B brands

♉️ How to find and nurture great B2B influencers

♉️ How to measure the ROI of influencer marketing initiatives

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