Norm Farrar

Norm Farrar

Norm Farrar

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Norman Farrar is an entrepreneur who provides online marketing and managed eCommerce solutions for brands. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and 20th Century Fox. 

Since the early 1990s, Norman has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential. Presently, he is the host of the popular eCommerce podcast, Lunch with Norm.

Key Takeaways

Have you noticed how some full time employees are able to simultaneously balance having a side hustle as an influencer? How do they do it?

And what about the folks who quit their nine to five and lean into their role as an influencer and full time creator…

Does that sound frightening to you, and maybe just a little bit exciting?

Because the truth is, the creator economy is booming and there’s ample room for influencers, particularly B2B influencers, whether they’re full time or working on the side.

Whether you’re a budding creator, or a CEO who wants to support and retain their employees-turned-influencers, stay tuned, because that’s what we’re covering in today’s episode of Partnership Unpacked.

And today is going to be interesting. On the one hand, you have people like me who have been working full time for the same company – I’m now celebrating five years working for Agorapulse as Head of Strategic Partnerships – and throughout that entire time I have kept and developed my personal brand and content at The Social Media Hat.

On the other hand, you’ve got employees who want to strike off as full time influencers, and leave the safety net of a regular paycheck behind.

Both scenarios can be frightening and stressful, but it helps to talk to people who have been in those situations and get their insights.

So that’s exactly what our guest today, Norman Farrar, is here to help with.

Norm is currently an entrepreneur who started his own marketing agency and has worked with major, major brands. Fortune 500 companies. And he’s now leaned into podcasting and is building up his personal brand as an influencer, even using platforms like TikTok. How’d he get there? What challenges did he face?

Let’s find out.

Partnership Unpacked host Mike Allton talked to Norm Farrar about:

♉️ Why he waded into product recommendations and influencer marketing.

♉️ How he has leveraged relationships to achieve success.

♉️ Which channels have delivered the highest ROI, and why, for his agency.

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