Rachel Nulman-Schapiro

Rachel Nulman-Schapiro

Rachel Nulman-Schapiro

Our Guest

Rachel Nulman-Schapiro is vcita’s ambassador to the small business and agency communities. She started her own agency when she was still in college, helping businesses build their web presence and shift from offline to online advertising. 

As VP Product Marketing at vcita, Rachel supports agencies assisting business owners as they venture into the digital space.

Key Takeaways

We work with and build partnerships with thousands of marketing agencies at Agorapulse and when we asked them what they struggle with the most, the number one answer was always how to grow and scale their agency.

But when we drill down, we find that the problems, and the solutions, change as agencies grow.

New and boutique agencies struggle with messaging, targeting, and lead nurture. It’s a near-constant battle to keep the pipeline filled and the next project client coming onboard.

As agencies grow, however, they often change their revenue model to a recurring proposition, which is a great help to cash flow. But that introduces a new challenge to agencies: churn.

If you’ve got a problem with too many customers canceling or not renewing, how do you reverse that? How can partnerships help?

That’s what we’re covering in today’s episode of Partnership Unpacked.

And while we often talk about partnerships as a growth channel – leveraging affiliates or influencers, for example, to introduce our brand to new audiences – there’s another terrific application for partnerships. And that is to increase customer satisfaction and stickiness, and thereby reduce churn.

What does that mean? How does it work for marketing agencies? What are some examples?

That’s exactly what our guest today, Rachel Nulman-Schapiro, is going to talk to us about.

Rachel is an ambassador to small business and agency communities for vcita, a tool savvy agencies are using for everything from client management to email marketing. She’s in a position to help and advise them because she’s been in their shoes, having started a marketing agency of her own in college.

And today she’s going to help us understand how to leverage partnerships to reduce churn and keep our cash flow positive.

Partnership Unpacked host Mike Allton talked to Rachel Nulman-Schapiro about:

♉️ Whether it’s truly possible to have partnerships with paying clients.

♉️ How agencies can leverage partnerships.

♉️ How to measure the ROI of client partnerships.

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