Alt-Text and Social Media Manager School


If you want to make your social content more accessible, use alternative tags — also known as alt-text.

Once you’ve uploaded an image (or more) to Agorapulse, hover on the thumbnail and click “Alt-text.” On the pop-up screen, enter up to 120 characters for your alt tag.

Your alt-text will enable screen-reading tools to tell visually impaired people about your images.

The feature is available for LinkedIn (single posts only) as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Alt-text is a great way to reach more folks on social media. Why not give it a try today?


More Learning Resources in Your Dashboard

This year, we introduced a new social media training course: Social Media Manager School. You can easily reach this learning resource by clicking the “?” icon on the lower left-hand side of your Agorapulse dashboard.

, Alt-Text and Social Media Manager School