New feature: Bulk Inbox Actions and Unified Calendar for All

Hello from our still-100%-remote team! Here’s what we released for you to more easily manage your incoming and outgoing content.

Bulk Inbox Actions

With the ability to bulk assign and bulk label conversations, you can clear your Agorapulse inbox faster than ever before.

Hover on the items you wish to select. Then check the box that appears. Go up to the bulk actions dropdown menu to assign or label those items.

Use the “Select all” checkbox to label or assign all your inbox items.

If you’ve never used labels in the inbox before, now is a great time to start. It’s a handy way to save items for follow up or to add sentiment analysis data.

Unified Calendars for All

Whether you have a medium or enterprise plan — or a plan in between — you have access to a publishing calendar that features scheduled, queued, assigned, and published posts for multiple social profiles.

What’s nice about our calendars (especially versus some of our competitors) is that they show published posts from wherever the posts were originally posted — whether through Agorapulse, directly on a native social media platform, or through another third party tool. When we say “unified calendar,” we mean unified calendar!

This release covered new features in the inbox and new availability for publishing. What do you think we’ll release next?