Calendar and Scheduled Post Enhancements (v8.81)


This release’s improvements will help maximize your productivity in publishing with Agorapulse.

Bulk actions in publishing list views. Save more time than ever by applying bulk actions to several pieces of content at once. You can bulk:

  • label selected items
  • assign selected items
  • approve selected items (only available in “To approve” and “Assigned to me” tabs)
  • delete selected items

Bulk actions are available for Scheduled and To approve/Assigned to me lists. There, you’ll have several options for selecting posts to apply these bulk options. You can select:

  1. an individual post by the checkbox next to that post
  2. all posts in given week by clicking on the checkbox next to that week
  3. all posts in given month by clicking on the checkbox next to that month
  4. all posts on the list by clicking on the “Select all” box

Right-hand preview panel in the calendar. Want to see all your content for a particular day? Click on the “view entire day” link in your calendar and see what’s there. This view is particularly helpful when you have many posts across many social profiles.

Duplicate scheduled post timing improvement. If you duplicate a scheduled post, the duplicate post will have the same date/time as the original post. (However, if you duplicate a published, failed, or queued post, the date on that duplicate will be set to the day after you duplicate it.)

Suggestions for updating the timezone on your scheduled content. When you change your timezone setting for a social profile, you’ll see a popup window. This window will give you the option to change the timezone of your previously scheduled content to match what you’ve set in your profile settings.


We fixed 15 bugs to make managing social media even easier with Agorapulse.