Improved In-App Messages, Twitter Sync Changes (v8.53)


1. New message for moderation rules error. If an Inbox Assistant rule cannot be applied because of a Facebook API issue, we display a message to tell you.

2. Feedback message when approving a draft / assigned publishing item. You’ll see a green confirmation message (“This post has been approved for publishing”) when a post is approved.

3. Improvements with Instagram push notifications. If you missed your push notification for an Instagram post, don’t fear: You can now either resend the push notification or enable direct publishing and publish it right away.

For upcoming queued or scheduled push notification posts, you have two new options:

1. Send the push notification right away (via the Send now button).

2. Publish the post right away from desktop (if direct publishing is enabled).


Twitter API calls optimization

Twitter is changing its API rules and terms of use. As a result, we have had to change the way we manage certain functions with Twitter. The main change is that we sync new mentions every 60 minutes instead of every 5 minutes (as we’d previously done). We’re looking at ways to optimize this in the very near future. Note: The sync of direct messages are not impacted with this change, and they will continue to be synced as they always have.


We fixed a bug with our saved hashtag feature as well as other changes to make managing social media even easier with Agorapulse.