Instagram Carousel Publishing


Publish an Instagram post with multiple images. You can now publish Instagram carousel posts through Agorapulse push notifications.

Upload your images—either by dragging and dropping or browsing your computer–just like you usually add images for posts on other social media networks.

Select the person who should receive the push notification on their mobile device. Make sure that person has downloaded the Agorapulse app on iOS or Android. The app is important to make the posts go live.

Schedule or queue like you’d normally do. When the time comes for the post to go live, you (or your teammate if you selected one) will receive a notification on your mobile device.

Go to the Agorapulse app and tap “Share on Instagram.” You’ll then see the photos you uploaded to Agorapulse in your Instagram gallery.

Add those photos to the carousel in the order that you’d like.

Press “Paste” in the caption field to transfer the caption you created in Agorapulse. Then tap “Share” to set the post live.

You can capture comments and metrics on this post just like you would any other organic post on Instagram.

This method of publishing carousel posts saves you time and stays compliant with Instagram’s API (which doesn’t allow for direct carousel posting).

More details can be found in this handy support document.

Enjoy using our latest feature for Instagram publishing!