Instagram Story Reports and Revamped Calendar (v8.35)


New metrics on Instagram reports (including Stories). We’ve added metrics to our Instagram Web and downloadable reports—including impressions and statistics for Stories— that customers have been asking for.

You now have three tabs for Instagram reports: Global, Posts, and Stories. Let’s learn what’s new in each of these tabs — one of which is completely brand new.

In our Global tab, we’ve added impressions to the overview metrics (A). In the “Audience” section (B), we show the variation in followers from day to day. However, the new API no longer lets us display the total number of followers.

We’ve also added a tooltip to explain which time period the evolution is being compared against.

In our “Posts published” section (C), we’ve added carousel and story numbers to the existing post type breakdown.

In our “Engagement” section (D), – we use data from post stats.

The reports now have an entire section dedicated to Impressions (E). Impressions count as the total number of times your profile’s media (posts, stories and promotions/ads) have been viewed.

You’ll see an additional metric in our “Recommendations” section (F) — reached users. In addition, you’ll get the average engagement during a given day or time or for a particular media type.

“Demographics” is a new section (G). The metrics here tell you about the gender, age, location, and language of your followers.

Instead of a Content tab, we now have separate Web and CSV reports for Posts (newsfeed posts) and Stories (Story posts).

In the Posts tabwe’ve added Reach to the other three metrics (Total Engagement, Comments, and Likes). Reach is defined by the total number of unique accounts that have seen the photo or video post.

We changed the design to have each post look more like it does natively on Instagram. Image posts appear with the caption under the image (like it’s done natively on Instagram). If you’ve posted a photo carousel, all images in the carousel will appear. If you’ve posted a video, you’ll see a video preview.

In the initial list view in the Stories tab, you’ll have 3 metrics: Reach, Impressions, and Total Engagement (likes + comments).

Once you click on an image of a Story, you’ll have a detailed view with Reach, Engaged users, Taps back, Taps forward, Exits, and Impressions.

Please note: Story metrics are only available for Stories with at least 5 viewers and are only calculated for the 24 hours after publication. (No additional metrics are captured when a Story is sent to Highlights or is archived.)

Calendar UI improvements. The publishing calendar offers many new features to make your content planning easier. For example, you can now set your default Calendar view preference (monthly v. weekly) in your personal settings.

The monthly Calendar has a new look. Colored bands are gone so you can more easily read the content on any given day.

The weekly Calendar view has been redesigned to feature:

  • image thumbnails for image posts
  • video thumbnails of published video posts on Instagram
  • a preview of a post’s text
  • a “+” CTA button to instantly create a new post

Press the new “Today” button on both the Weekly and Monthly views to easily go to the current day’s calendar.

For better tracking of all Instagram content, Instagram Stories now appear on the Calendar.

Reply to Instagram mentions. Thanks to an API change, you can reply in the Listening tab to Instagram posts or comments where your business profile has been mentioned.

Organization custom photo option. Upload your own organization picture in your organization settings. If you choose not to upload a photo, you’ll have a blue avatar with the beginning letter of your organization’s name.


LinkedIn requires a Company Page to have at least 300 followers in order to target its posts. If your Page does not yet have 300 followers, the targeting options will be disabled. More information on LinkedIn targeting requirements can be found here.


We fixed bugs in some inbox and publishing features to make managing social media even easier with Agorapulse.