Introducing the new Mobile Post Composer!

The revamp of the mobile composer is offering our users mobile productivity and has a smooth content creation on-the-go experience. Take a look below at the new UI & UX yourself!

What’s new on Mobile Composer V3?

  • New UI & UX
  • Multiple media selection
  • Preview carousel
  • Links detection and UTM tracking
  • User mentions

Media selection

You can now select multiple media (photo and video still separately), then rearrange their order afterward.

Previewing is now accessible through a carousel.

Links will still be detected but now the UTM tracker can be added.

User mentions

You can now natively mention users from the mobile composer the same way you’re doing on the web (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok).

More new features are to come from the mobile front within the next few weeks, stay tuned!