Fresh Reporting Capabilities

We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback on Power Reports! It’s encouraged us to continually add value to this set of advanced reporting features.

We’re still simultaneously improving about our standard reports. In fact, we just added a helpful metric to our Twitter reports.

Aggregated label distribution in Power Reports

One of the customization features of Power Reports is the ability to aggregate data across multiple social profiles. With this release, we’ve added label distribution as another aggregated metric you can add to a report — or not add. Customization is entirely in your hands.

Easier path to schedule a report with Power Reports

Automatic scheduled reports are one of the timesaving features of Power Reports.

If you have added Power Reports to your Agorapulse subscription, it is now easier to create your next scheduled report with the new “Schedule reports” button. Look for it at the top nav bar of your reporting dashboard.

If you haven’t yet added Power Reports to your Agorapulse plan, maybe it’s a good time to do so! Here’s how to begin using these advanced reporting features.


Direct message metrics in Twitter reports

We now include Twitter direct messages (DMs) sent in our Community Management reports.

In the “Replies Sent” section, DMs are included in the total number of replies summary. In the “Team Performance” section, there is a new column that shows the number of DMs handled by each user on your Agorapulse plan.