, Pinterest publishing is here!

Pinterest publishing is here!

Agorapulse is very excited to announce our integration and partnership with Pinterest. This was our users’ biggest request and we are happy to introduce this powerful network as a scheduling option.

Users can now add Pinterest accounts to cross-post alongside their other social networks avoiding the need to manage Pinterest on its own.

While building your pin, Agorapulse’s Pinterest Integration allows users to:

  • Add a title to a Pin
  • Include a destination link with tracking
  • Select one or more boards or sub-boards
  • Add Alt text

When it comes to content, users can create:

  • Single Image Pins,
  • Videos Pins
  • Carousel Pins

Why Pinterest?

This was one of our highest-requested feature builds here at Agorapulse and for good reason. Pinterest is a great social network for businesses to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and generate leads and sales. It is a visual search engine where people actively seek new ideas and products. By publishing high-quality Pins, businesses can reach a large audience of potential customers. Pinterest is also a social media platform, so people can interact with Pins by liking, commenting, and sharing them. This is a great way for businesses to build relationships with potential customers and create a more engaged community. Additionally, Pinterest offers various targeting options that allow businesses to reach their ideal audience.

Connect your Pinterest Accounts and start Scheduling your Pins today. To learn more about our Pinterest Publishing Features check out our Help Center Documentation.