Reply to Facebook Mentions and Threaded Discussions on Instagram Ads (v.8.85)


Reply to Facebook mentions of your Business Page. Like before, your Listening tab will display a chronological list of public posts where your Page has been mentioned.

But now you can keep the conversation going directly in Agorapulse. Reply — perhaps by using one of your saved replies.

When you reply to a post in this tab, you automatically “follow” the post in Agorapulse. So, future comments made on this post will appear in your “To Review” tab.

To monitor the comments on a post that mentions you but not reply, select the ⭐️ star icon to follow it.

If you don’t reply or don’t mark “Follow,” all synced comments on these posts will be marked “reviewed” by default and won’t appear in your “To Review” tab.

(Don’t worry — you can unfollow a post by deselecting the star icon.)

View and reply to threaded comments on Instagram ads. Now you can reply to a threaded discussion on an Instagram ad. Monitor Instagram ad comments and reply to the threaded discussions—in one place.


We fixed 27 bugs to make managing social media even easier with Agorapulse.